apple cherry creek - apple customer service

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2009 at 3:47pm CDT by 9cd572f6

Product: apple nano ipod

Company: apple cherry creek

Location: cherry creek shopping center
denver, co, 80223, US

Category: Other

I purchased an apple ipod nano december of last year, and it never charged properly. I got the run around from apple customer service for months before someone finally told me to go to the store to have it replaced. upon calling the store, they informed me I have to make an appointment since I am not actually buying anything. this is 'to make sure we treat everyone equally' according to the girl who anwered the phone. this is rediculous; I have struggled for months with a device that does not work, and now I am being treated like an inconvenience??? I would never buy an apple product again. this whole thing has been a nightmare. customer service online is rediculous too, as is the toll free number. you get transferred all over the place, and I have never had it take less than 20 minutes to get a person live.


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