Sam's Foods - Placing garbage into garbage can

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2009 at 10:40am CDT by f069105e

Company: Sam's Foods

Location: 941 Oxford Street East Oxford and Quebec St
London, On, CA

Category: Other

I was in the parking lot of this business picking up Pizza from Sopranos 2 for 1 On Saturday August 1st, while My hubby was inside paying for the pizza, I had decided to throw away the cups we had in the car from the beach that same day, So I hopped out of the car and placed 5 empty cups into an already brimming garbage can only to have the owner of Sam's food tear into me and demand that I replace the garbage bag because I filled it up, I politely said to the store owner if this is your can and you do not want any one to be using it then I suggest that you take it into your store so no one but you can use it, he got even madder at me and demanded I change the bag ??? wait a minute I said I do not work here and I am not required to clean up your property or any one else,s for that matter and I continued to say at least I didn't throw the garbage on the ground, I placed it into the garbage can where garbage belongs. The garbage can was between his property and the pizza place how am I to know I am using the wrong garbage can for the garbage. also there was no sign on it stating that it was private property.


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