Microsoft - Xbox Customer Service is TERRIBLE

Posted on Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 6:01pm CDT by 7864745a

Product: Xbox 360

Company: Microsoft

Location: US

Category: Other

I had an ordered a 120G HD from Amazon. When I plugged it in to by Xbox 360, I got an error back. I called the customer service number included with the HD. The rep informed me that the HD was defective and that I should send it back to Xbox. I told him that I just purchased it from Amazon and I can send it back to them without a problem. He insisted that I send it back to Xbox. He would be shipping a new HD with a UPS return label to ship the defective HD to Xbox. A week later, I have not received anything so I call Xbox up and the rep proceeds to tell me that I needed to ship my HD back to them FIRST before they will ship a new one. I explained the whole situation and the fact that the previous rep did not even provide me with an address to return the defective product to because he was sending me a return label. No, I was told. I had to return my drive first AND I had to pay for shipping. Microsoft needs to train their reps better and stop wasting the customer's time. If the rep had told me on the first call that I had to return the drive first and pay for shipping I would have just said no and returned it to Amazon. What a waste of time!


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