Posted on Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 3:28pm CDT by 54214381

Product: Frigidaire air conditioner

Company: Rainbow Appliance

Location: 210 River Road
Clifton, NJ, 07014, US

URL: http://www.rainbowappliance.com/

Category: Other


My grandmother purchased and my father ordered a Frigidaire air conditioner for me and my husband on July 30th. The order was placed with Rainbow Appliance online. On the morning of August 11th, no word of the air conditioner or shipping notification had been sent yet, so I called Rainbow. I spoke to and was transferred to two extremely rude and unhelpful customer service reps, the last one telling me that my order will ship tomorrow before hanging up on me. That afternoon, my husband was sent an e-mail and my grandmother was left a message, saying there was something wrong with the order, and they needed to contact Rainbow before it could ship. On August 12th, my grandmother returned the call to find out they needed a second verification because the order was billing to one state and shipping to another. The rep then informed my grandmother that extra shipping costs (on top of the $28.60 she was already being billed) would be incurred due to the fact the air conditioner was shipping to a different state. But they reassured my grandmother and husband the order would ship. By August 17th, the order had not shipped yet, so my father called and was informed the order wasnt verified until the afternoon of August 14th, and it would ship soon.

The air conditioner finally shipped on August 18th. My husband and I received the air conditioner on August 25th. The box was quite damaged, but the air conditioner seemed to be well preserved in the packing inside the box. When we opened the box and plugged in the air conditioner, at first it didnt work, then it worked, but was as loud as a lawnmower, as the fan was making very loud banging noises. When I called Rainbow to ask of their return policy, they said they would not accept the return as we opened the box, and we needed to take care of this through Frigidaire now.

It took us almost a month to receive the product. Everyone we spoke to at Rainbow was extremely rude and unhelpful. They added extra shipping costs after already quoting a specific price for the shipping of the AC unit. And now my husband and I are stuck with a broken air conditioner that we are not able to return, and my grandmother is not getting a refund. And so I must repeat:


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c25f2a12, 2009-09-29, 08:30PM CDT

I wish I had read complaints about Rainbow Appliance before ordering from them. I called for a delivery date after hearing NOTHING for 3 weeks after placing my order. I spoke with a rude customer service person who told me that if I wanted to know when I would receive the shipment I would have to call the trucking company. Two weeks later, I am still unable to reach anyone at AM Trucking where my appliance is supposedly waiting to be delivered.

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