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Posted on Thursday, August 27th, 2009 at 12:30pm CDT by ff7386cd

Company: CSU chico

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chico, ca, 95929, US

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Well, due to some circumstances beyond my control, and a few that were within my control, I was recently disqualified from attending CSU chico. I do not mind the fact that this has happened, however, what I do mind is the fact that I did not find out that I had become disqualified until the week before classes were to begin. I was aware of my falling GPA, and had been checking online whenever I could reach a computer. The last time I had checked, I was still enrolled in school. I even had a conversation with the scholarship office regarding some paperwork that I had filled out incorrectly. This happened in July, apparently AFTER I should have received a letter telling me that I was no longer qualified for school. Yes I am aware that it is my responsibility to check and make sure everything was done to ensure my status in school, however, it was ALSO their job to send me the letter telling me that I was disqualified. I am just upset that the staff will not acknowledge this fact. It is not my fault that my family did not have internet at the time, nor is it my fault that I was distracted by my cousin's sudden death and funeral arrangements. If I had received the letter telling me of my disqualification, my current situation could have been avoided. In the end, all I really want is for them to acknowledge the fact that they did not send me a letter telling me I was disqualified. That's all I want, is acknowledgment on their part. I take full responsibility for everything else.


1becb2a3, 2009-08-28, 07:24PM CDT

Circumstances beyond your control that you failed your classes - AND you were unaware? Every library has FREE internet - and you couldn't bother to check to see if you were still in status for obviously a "grant and scholarship" level for school...holy cow, if you are not going to take responsibility now, WHEN are you going to take responsibility? Life happens - we all experience deaths, funeral arrangements and sudden tragic things - but we deal with them and don't do things like fail out of classes... I have held a full time job, supported two children as a single mom and finished my bachelors degree over the last 7 years...easy? NO! But I did it because I needed to in order to support my children because there is no child support - grow up and take responsibility!

1b704750, 2010-08-24, 07:59AM CDT

Ever been to a library to use their computers. You have to stand in line and pray you get to use one because the local library where I am doesn't have a lot of computers to use and people have come and waited in line for nothing.

It isn't as easy as you think when you DON'T own your own computer.

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