PNY Technologies - PNY Technologies rebate scam

Posted on Thursday, August 27th, 2009 at 1:15am CDT by 334717a4

Product: memory card

Company: PNY Technologies

Location: PO Box 028516
Miami, FL, 33102-8516, US


Category: Other

I purchased a memory card from Fry's Electronics in Santa Clara, CA in August 2009.

Of course I sent in the completed rebate form, receipt, and UPC.

I've mailed in dozens of rebates before, I know how to do this.

They sent me back a postcard saying "Unfortunately we could not honor your receipt due to the following reason(s): $15 PNY Mail in Rebate - P-SDU16G2-FS/POL

Missing UPC"

Now I have nothing, just a worthless postcard, no form, no receipt, no UPC, and no way to get MY $15. :(

Thanks for nothing, PNY!


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e2ab0272, 2010-02-04, 08:58PM CST

exact same thing happened to me. im pretty mad right now.. because they cant even show me the forms i sent in.. so how can i believe that they arent just saying they didnt receive the upc?

dc6a17a3, 2010-04-05, 01:42PM CDT

I just went through the exact same scenario in Garland TX in March 2010.

I predicted this problem after I got home when I noticed there was no UPC on the packaging from Fry's. I made copies of everything and sent PNY the entire packaging along with the Fry's label from the blister pack.

I had the following conversation more that a few times with the rebate support staff:

Support guy: "Looks like it was rejected because you did not send the UPC"

Me: "I cannot send you what I do not have!"

It wasn't until I got a manager on the line to actually look at what I sent, then they approved the rebate.

One question remains. How did the cashier ring up the product without a UPC? I suspect they just entered the item number from the price tag.

By the way, this product was packaged as a Polaroid branded 16GB micro SD card.

4718cd77, 2011-01-29, 04:19PM CST

Same thing here I sent in all appropriate receipts and UPC - now getting email says invalid. Beware rebates are not being honored- Thats the reason I bought PNY - NO MORE WILL I BUY THIS BRAND

616d6a06, 2011-08-17, 01:03AM CDT

PNY is one of the best companies, you cant just say they are not Honoring it, you never know what kind of crooks are between you and them, I myself just sent in a Nvidia Geforce 9800GT EE to them cause fan quite, they send me anotherone tested by there guys, and the new one got to hot between them and me cause of UPS ground shipping, IE was as hot as one coming out of computer when I removed it from box. I told them about it and the fact the new one didnt work, they ask me to send it back to them, i do this, and they send me one that is still in original packaging with plastic wrap still around the box. This one worked perfect, PNY costomer support Exels.

007cfaf5, 2011-08-29, 05:31PM CDT

I see PNY is still the same. This is my first time with an issue on any rebate. It took me a while just to get the rebate form. There was a link to get the form mailed to you if you didn't have a printer. Time went on and the only thing I got was a generic email with instructions on how to process my rebate. This happened 2 times. That itself maybe a PNY or a issue, not sure which. I had to go to make a special trip to staples to get it printed (I walk or bike) BUT then, after having to check into the status of my rebate, I found that it said how my postmark was invalid. Upon hearing a little issue here or there with PNY, I took photos of EVERYTHING;; receipts, UPC, etc, on my phone, Happens to show the date it was sent out. Called the number they give if you need help about your rebate, but help was the last thing I got from that number. Good luck getting a hold of anyone. I have the proof, but without everything cut off the package, it cant even be returned. Never again PNY and I will warn everyone of the same.

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