The Dump

Posted on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 at 4:39pm CDT by 8b56e5d2

Product: Mattress 2145DBeautydm

Company: The Dump

Location: 2700 Ranch Trail
Irving, TX, 75063, US

Category: Other

My wife and I have had a claim for the past 3 months on a mattress set that we purchased from the Dump. Just a few days after our purchase the mattress formed a dip that has been increasingly getting deeper and deeper. We jump through all the hoops that the Dump requested (taking pictures, filling out forms, calling customer service, etc.) and we still have yet to get any help on this issue. We paid $1,300 for a useless mattress and foundation and the Dump is not helping, in fact today the Dump suggested that we the customer call the manufacture, how is that for poor customer service.


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aeed1169, 2009-11-04, 10:12PM CST

Please people. The Dump is very dishonest. They have a F rating with the Better Business Bureau in Dallas and are no longer a welcomed member.

They have ripped us off. Pleas eread my story on my websoite that is dedicated to exposing the activities of The Dump Furniture Stores across the country. or

Thank you for reading my comment.

5e780145, 2010-03-29, 06:46AM CDT

Thank you for your comment. The Dump opened a new store in Tempe,AZ. and I was thinking of going there to shop. You have made my decision for me. I will not be going there!!!!!!!!!!!

d2f42dc2, 2010-10-12, 10:20PM CDT

Dont go to the tempe store this is what happened to me...

I have had such a bad time with this miserable company as a customer. I spent 5 hours picking out furniture to redo my whole living room and kitchen. In this time I had to fax paperwork to the store to be approved for their 24 months no payments no interest offer and they approved me for exactly that. that offer is called an x24 offer to the employees of that store. I signed all the paperwork stating I had 0 payments and 0 interest for 24 months, and took the area rugs I had selected to my car. I later received a call saying I wasn't approved for the x24 offer but the w24 which is 24 equal payments over 24 months with no interest. still a good deal but not what I wanted so I canceled the order completely and told them to write up the rugs on a new contract and I would pay cash for them. I didn't want to drive 50 minutes back to the store just to hand them their stuff back because they cant honor their contracts. Not only did they not honor their contract, they didn't cancel it either and went on to try to deliver the furniture to me when I wasn't home (according to "the dump" and my neighbors). Now "the dump" is sticking me with the bill for almost 6k worth of furniture that was supposed to be canceled, and trying to make me make payments on it when I was supposed to have no payments no interest in the first place... I never signed a delivery slip nor did I sign any agreement other than the one that I signed in the store for 0 payments 0 interest for 24 months. How did they get a new contract with me agreeing to buy these products from them on a totally different finance structure? Your guess is as good as mine but I can tell you it wasn't legally.. Avoid this store at all costs. They may have deals on furniture but you could end up like me getting bounced back and forth between the store the main office in Virginia, the finance company, the delivery company and the police trying to sort out a simple furniture sale... btw its been since 5/28/10 that this took place and it still isn't resolved. I have since reported them to the Arizona attorney general and the federal trade commission. the store in turn has filled charges against me for "stealing" said furniture "that i never took delivery of" because I haven't made a payment on their bogus contract. I will be sueing the sh*t out of them after I am cleared of this obviously ridiculous claim

a6ed16ae, 2011-01-31, 07:27PM CST

how can people complain when you buy something from a store called the dump , the sell damaged, discontinued and returned merchandise. you sure were not complaining about all the money you saved. and by the way warranties are always through the manufacturer not the retailer. so don't go trashing a store for a warranty problem that is taken care of by the manufacturer not the store.

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