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My family and I have been involved in a very long in depth drawn out property insurance claim since 12/5/08. We had only been in our home since Oct 08 There are 3 different insurance companies involved (HOA, AIG) our homeowners insurances are Travelers. The claim involves asbestos and water damage in both the basement and main level of our home. We lost 80-90% of all our contents in our home. At this point our once finished basement is now completely gutted, because of negligent behavior from a mitigation company that exposed asbestos while cleanup from a broken water heater in our basement that occurred while we were on vacation for Thanksgiving 08, and we also suffered major water damage that occurred upstairs during abatement in basement from frozen pipe because proper heat was not provided. There are several negligent parties involved. We are now seeing the numbers to rebuild exceed our policy limits with Travelers Insurance, and we are seeing very little help if any from the other insurance companies involved. We are now seeing very large invoices and bills coming to us in the mail (that we cannot afford) with threatening statements to put liens on our home and send bills to collections.

At this point we needed to look elsewhere for help, in comes Walton Design and Remodeling. Wayne the head of operations presented himself well mannered and knowledgably to the restoration business and insurance losses. He seemed understanding, and sympathetic to our situation, so we signed a contract with him. We agreed upon an estimate with him well knowing that we needed to stick to a very tight budget give by our insurance. Only after he was close to finishing he came to us and said we were $3,400 over our budget. He knew we did not have the money to pay the extra costs he incurred. Plus he never asked us to sign a work order change or addendum to the contract. If we had known he had gone that far over the estimate we would never had continued. He demanded that we pay him or he would place a lien on our property. I cannot believe he would threaten us after all we had been through. He said he understood our situation and wanted to help us!! WAYNE WITH WALTON DESIGN MISLEAD US ON WHAT THE PROJECT WOULD ACTUALLY COST US UNTIL THE JOB WAS OVER.


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