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Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 11:38am CDT by 2ed87a2a

Product: Prescription eyeglasses

Company: Payless Optical

Location: 2346 S Campbell
Springfield,, MO, 65807, US


Category: Other

April 28, 2009 I appeared in person at Payless Optical, Springfield, MO because a lens had fallen out of the prescription eyeglasses I had purchased from them in 2006. Payless Optical in house optometrist, Dr. MacLaren, checked my eyeglasses and stated they were shot and could not be properly repaired. I paid him for a new exam (which the prescription only changed slightly) and presented a coupon that I had received from them in the mail to Payless Optical desk. Although they refused the coupon stating my prescription was not covered (even though the coupon looked as though it should have been a savings) I proceeded to order new eyeglasses, they measured me for them, and stated they would call within week to ten days.

Fourteen days later I still had not heard from them and was suffering tremendously with the old eyeglasses totally out of alignment, extremely fragile, and improperly on my face. I e mailed what I thought was Payless Optical in Springfield, MO and the response came from an Adam Sandman, who I assumed was in Springfield, MO. For some unexplained reason he responded stating I had not ordered scratchgard, which I most certainly had ordered and paid extra for. Sandman then suddenly said they would not be doing business with me and I would be sent a check refund sometime within the next two weeks. An attorney I work for then intervened and Sandman backed off and said the glasses were ready for pickup and had the scratchgard. I appeared in person and picked them up on May 19, 2009, but told optician Lowe at the time they did not seem to fit right. I soon realized they were grossly misfit, had blurs on the lens, blind spot on the sides of the frames, and the lens did not change to sunglasses like I had been told they would be ????????like the ones you have????????. I had to move my computer screen up several inches in order to read anything on screen. I spent one whole afternoon in the sun trying to get them to change over and had to accept I had been lied to. I wore them eight miserable days and the headaches were so severe and I was so fearful of falling I had to quit wearing them.

Optician, manager, Harry Lowe, of Payless Optical at first said he would refund my money and would even pay for at least part of another trip to Springfield from El Dorado Springs, MO. Before that could be accomplished Adam Sandman again took over and stopped what I had assumed would have been a cash refund. Adam Sandman, come to find out, is from Port Washington, NY and a company called Ophthalmic Management Company. (Why he has interfered with my doing business with Dr. MacLaren and Payless Optical I have no idea.) THEN I was sent a fax that a check made out to Malthavalene Pankey was in Springfield, MO from Ophthalmic Management Company of Omaha, Nebraska and a Harlan Rips. (It should be noted none of these companies appear to be registered with the Missouri Secretary of State, including Payless Optical of Springfield, MO.) When I asked for Payless Optical to cash the out of state check, made out to someone besides myself, and give me the cash upon return of the bogus glasses they refused. THEN the check got changed as being from US Optical and made out to my name, but from a private bank in Omaha, Nebraska. (I consider those checks as worthless as a Nigerian scam since I did not knowingly do business with any out of state companies nor should I as the victim have to extend an out of state company credit to obtain a refund for Payless Optical malpractice, lies. If the check were valid why would Payless Optical refuse to cash it?)

I found the 2006 receipt and comparing the measurements to the 2009 receipt it is quite evident they measured wrong, not to mention they lied and claimed they sold me glasses that would change over to sunglasses in the sunlight.

After weeks of my requesting the name of Harry Lowe and Dr. MacLaren????????s malpractice, errors/omissions insurance US Optical filed a claim with The Hartford and another month was waste pretending they were insured if I would just drive to Springfield at my expense and let them inspect the glasses and if I would go to doctor or doctors and obtain proof of my headaches, eyestrain, stress, etc. THEN The Hartford said they were not even insured for anything related to this.

To get out of all complaints I made against them Adam Sandman overwhelmed all entities, agencies with over fifty pages of so called documentation, including information marked confidential and my attempts to communicate with Dr. MacLaren, which they appear to have stopped all such commuications before they got to the optometrist.

They still have my money and I have nothing usable.

Payless Optical and associates and all entities, agencies that have done nothing to stop them have destroyed my qualify of life all spring and summer.

How many people do we have without eyeglasses due to nonsense like this mess? How many others are wearing glasses that do not fit and therefore end up in wrecks, falls, or other mishaps or are at high risk for such?

I want a public apology, full refund of my money as well as compensation for returning the bogus eyeglasses plus at least $100 for gas expenses plus at least $500 for pain, suffering, stress, lost work, time spent all paid to me in bona fide instantly spendable funds (such as cash or normal money order, certified check).


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