Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 9:12am CDT by 4a0c2009

Product: College text book rental


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Book renters beware of these guys. They rent books for 30 days (from the time of delivery) not for the entire semester. They do not make this clearly known on their website either. They then want to charge you an additional $30 per month to retain your books for the semester. The books they send you are in poor condition and are purchased from amazon used books, then shipped directly to you. Upon return they expect the books to be pristine (so I am not looking forward to returning the trash that I was sent.

It is ultimately cheaper to purchase the books used from your college book store or from a local retailer specializing in used text books.

Do not use this company, they are borderline on fraudulent, and as I stated earlier, I am not looking forward to returning the books to them as they were in such poor condition when I received them. I am expecting to end up paying 140% of the book's value and restocking fees.

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cd6f4fce, 2010-08-30, 06:15PM CDT

It is not true that books must be returned in "pristine" condition. Their website clearly states that you can underline and highlight.

We've rented their books for 45 days, not just 30.

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