Airtel Prepaid - Airtel Customer Care is Worst, Mannersless and really Dirty.

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 5:44am CDT by 7ece55ec

Product: Airtel India

Company: Airtel Prepaid

Location: Bangalore
Bangalore, Ka, 560001, IN


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Airtel Customer Care is really WORST so is their Service and Technical Department. They Speak all false and don??t have basic manners of speaking. They cheat people and dump their money.

I have Airtel Prepaid number 9535120130 and on 15th August??09 I have recharged for SMS pack of 33Rupees.

The recharge agent told me I can check by SMS balance by using the *123*6# key.

Only the first day it showed the correct balance and then it was showing me 0.00 balance.

When contacted the Customer care they immediately took my complaint (#0818402348 Dt:18August 2009). They promised me that after 48 hours the problem will be resolved and I can see my SMS balance and use the SMS facility.

To my surprise I got a call only after 72 hours that too they closed the complaint before confirming with me that the problem is solved or not. Till date the Problem is not solved.

I have made another complaint (#) and they again took 24 hours to solve that. This time again they said its solved but I cannot see any SMS balance in my mobile.

WORST things happened to me all the time when I was calling the Customer care,

First things are they themselves don??t know what is the offer is and they don??t record any of your previous data. Every time you call them they take your interview regarding the problem right from your name till the complete problem description.

The call center Supervisors speaks as if he is the ALMIGHTY and you are his salve. He has all the rights to disconnect your call if you don??t agree to what he says.

I spoke to two supervisors one Manohar from Bangalore, this guys has got his name as Manohar and his colleagues did not tell his full name so that I should not complain against him. He was so rude and did not even care to listen to my problem and kept on repeating that there is not issue and I should disconnect the call. Before I could ask him anything he simply disconnect the call. What a big Bas*** he is to behave like this. I had to call again to them only to get to know that he cannot speak to me (may be he don??t want to speak to me).

I was asked to speak to another Manager called Pratima, she too was selling all different things and gave me a shock that I should be using the SMS service even when the complaint was logged no matter Airtel deducts extra money from my other balance. Now since the validity of SMS pack is over I cannot send any SMS from the offer recharge.

What a GREAT Answer. May be I should commit suicide before this two people as a reward to their customer care service.

WORST PEOPLE I have ever seen in my life. Nicely they have taken all my SMS recharge money and did not give me any benefit. Good way to make profits.

Believe me their executives really don??t know anything and everytime I had to tell them the whole issues (I did that 10-12 times).

Atlast when I said I want to complain about this they gave a email id and said this is the only way to complain. A Telecom company doesnot have a single complaint telephone number. GREAT. Keep up your good Service. That too they will not give me the names of the executives who all spoke to me so that I should not complain on anyone.

CRAP, JUNK, STINK is what I say to their service and their executives.


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