Air India - Air India lost baggage and not reimbursing the lost baggage

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 3:14am CDT by 940d6c5b

Company: Air India

Location: New Delhi,, Ne, IN


Category: Other

Air India lost my baggage on our flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi flight number IC414 on the 24th May 2009. The baggage tag number is IC 062157 which weighs about 20kgs and is a dark grey Pierre Cardin suitcase. while i was travelling in India i had to travel without any of my belongings. The airline said that they will forward the suitcase as soon as they find it. Now its been 3 months since they lost my suitcase and they are not even reimbursing it. I have written a couple of emails asking when they are going to do it and for the first 2 mails they replied saying soon but nothing so far and after those 2 emails i have written to them a couple of times and now there is no reply. i even contacted the station office here in Kathmandu, Nepal and they say they cannot do anything here since New Delhi was the destination and the report is filed there. please someone advise me as to what i should do and help me to get what i rightfully own.


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