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Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 3:26pm CDT by 98eb81ae

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Here is a letter I sent to the President of Verizon Wireless and I wasn't given a resolution.


Dear Mr. Lowell McAdam:

I am writing this letter to you because I am very disappointed with the lack of service I have been provided by the supposed Worlds Largest and Most Reliable Network.This is a follow-up to a nearly-infinite number of phone calls I have made to Verizon Wireless Customer Service without receiving a satisfactory resolution for service provided on all three of my cellular numbers. Because your representatives have been, at best, unhelpful, and I was not allowed to speak to a manager I find myself with no other means but to complain about your behavior to the Federal Communication Commission and the Better Business Bureau in the hope that you understand that I am serious about this matter and regardless of the fact that filing this complaint will cost me more in terms of money and time than what is due, I am nonetheless pursuing it because a company with such horrible customer service practices as Verizon Wireless should not be rewarded with silence on consumers part.

I have had my service with Verizon Wireless for several years now and I feel as though I am just another number to you corporation.I recently have dropped my plan from a Family Share Plan of 1400 minutes down to the lowest family plan with 700 minutes because of the lack of use we have with our phones. I have had troubleshooting done on all three phones with no success to the problems we are having. The problems all started when I stopped receiving texts on my cellular phone(610-742-6395). After I had mentioned this to my boyfriend he mentioned he had been having problems as well receiving texts. We use our cell phones as our main form of communication and we mostly use the text messaging on our phones. I called Customer Service and spoke to a man named Jarrad. He had me remove the batteries from both phones (mine and my boyfriends) and leave it out for 10 seconds and then power back on. After we did this he had me do *228 and option #2 on both phones. My boyfriends phone dropped the call in the middle of the programming so we had to try it again. It finally programmed successfully. After it shut down and repowered he had us do a test call to #832 and then hang up. I mentioned to him that I had placed a call from my boyfriends cell phone earlier in the day and the call was lost 3 times when we were outside in open air. He transferred me to Claudia in Tech Support who then had me power both phones off and turn back on. She had me do the same thing over *228 and option #2, she had me do a test call to a non-local number and then sent a text from that same number I called to see if it would come through. I never received the text but she said it was registering that it was delivered on her end. She had ordered new phones for both my boyfriend and myself. She told me the phones were still under warranty and had asked me if my phone was just replaced in April, which it was for the keyboard, it stopped working. The order # for my phone was 2249470 and the order # for my boyfriends was 2249513. She told us to keep the battery and the back of our defective phones and to send the defective phone back within 10 days. She told me that I would be able to save my pictures and my media by sending it to Pix place and when I get the new phone send everything back to the new phone from When I received my new phone I activated the phone and went online to re-send the several ringtones and ringback tones to my new phone which didnt work. I sent an e-mail through the Contact Us on about getting credit for the $18.94 I spent on media I was told I could transfer to my new phone. They credited me a whopping $5.49 and called it a day!

So 8 days later I get a call from Ashley in Customer Service responding to my e-mail about the dropped calls, delayed text messages, and the phone not registering missed calls on my boyfriends phone(610-742-7964). She had me go to menu, settings &tools, phone settings, system select and make sure that automatic is checked. She then told me that everything looked good on her end and there was nothing else she could do for me so she transferred me to Richard in Tech Support. I explained each and every problem with each of our phones, dropped calls, delayed text messages or no texts at all, poor reception, not registering when someone is calling but a voicemail comes through, delayed voicemail messages. We started with my phone(610-742-6395) and he said he was temporarily turning off my text messaging on the switch and turning it back on to see if this would make it work. This didnt work so he had me power off my phone and he used a phone he had there and activated it with my number and then he sent test text messages to that phone and they were received. He then turned that phone off and had me power mine back on and dial *228 and option# 1, phone was programmed successfully. He had sent several more test text messages but none were received. He said he wasnt sure what was up so he put a ticket in with the Network repair Bureau , Ticket number 3067185. He told me they would follow up in a week and let me know the outcome from when the technician goes to check on the tower. Before we got off the phone I asked him if he could call my mother to troubleshoot her phone since we didnt live together. After he called my mom he called me back and told me he ordered a new phone for my mother to see if this would correct the problems with her phone. I told him that when he was resetting settings in my phone something blocked my number from showing up on caller ids. He told me that he would fix this and someone would be in touch in a week.

In the meantime I sent another e-mail through to have a supervisor call me regarding some credit on my account for the lack of service I have been provided. I was not in agreement with paying my monthly bill for phones that worked when they felt like it. I received a text message on 8/6/09 at 9:02pm from [email protected] saying Are you still having problems with text messaging? I replied yes and then my cell phone rang a minute later. I answered my phone and it was a man from Tech Support. I didnt catch his name because of the poor reception with my phone it would cut in and out. He told me that they were going to do a 2 hour testing on my phone to see what the problem was so he asked me What time is good for you tomorrow? I replied, Any time after 10am! He told me That he would call tomorrow (8/7/09) at 12 noon because that is when he came in to work. I never received a phone call from him that day. Later that night I received a voicemail from Melissa from tech Support. She left a message saying she was following up from ticket # 3067185, and that my area is a known problem area and that is whats causing the problems with our phones and that this was my resolution. She left me a number where she could be directly contacted 910-794-6621. I immediately called this number and it prompted me to enter my parties extension. Oops, I guess this was so convienently left out of her message so the phone hung up on me. After that I was furious so I called the customer service number 800-922-0204. A customer representative named Kayla answered and I explained to her what had just happened and she said she was pulling up my account to see if there was any notations. She said there wasnt any notations in my account. I also told her that I wanted a credit on my bill because I wasnt getting quality service. She asked me to hold for 1-2minutes and she would ask a supervisor. She came back on the line and told me They were unable to offer any credit to my account until the problem was completely resolved and the ticket was closed. I told her this is unacceptable to me and I wanted to speak with a Supervisor! She told me There was no supervisor there for me to talk to, but yet she just had me on hold to ask a supervisor if she could credit my account. Then she said they could issue a $25.00 credit for my troubles this doesnt even cover a month of service. I said I would not accept $25.00 as a resolution for the problems I have had to deal with. I asked if the FCC regulates Verizon Wireless and she said yes. I also asked her for the information to contact the President of Verizon Wireless. She told me they did not have access to this information. My mother works for Verizon(Landline) and this is something they have to be able to provide at the request of a customer. She then told me to hold on for 1-2 minutes while she pulled up the Presidents information. I told her I wanted a guaranteed call back from a supervisor because every time I was told I would get called back it never happened. She told me that a supervisor is in on weekends so I would have a call back within 24-48 hours. She transferred me to Celeste in Tech Support and she confirmed with me that my area is a known problem area with weak signals. I went over each phone and the problems that they were having. I also told her that my phone was still coming up blocked when I call someone with a caller ID when this never was the case before. She told me she didnt know why we were having problems with our phones because there are several towers around us. She told me that its like a waiting game because there was no other information regarding the known problem area and poor signals from the towers and that it could be something they are going to work on but its not a guarantee.

On 8/8/09 I received a call from a supervisor from Verizon Wireless named Rachel. She told me there wasnt anything else that they could do for me to resolve the issues we have been having. She offered a product to me for $249.99 to possibly increase my signal in my home going through my broadband connection. I told her Absolutely not! She said They are letting us cancel our service with Verizon Wireless with no early termination penalty. I dont feel this is acceptable for the hours and hours of useless time I spent on the phone with Customer Service and tech Support trying to solve problems and nothing was ever fixed.

The refund for three months of service for my Family Share Plan of 1400 minutes I request are a small token of appreciation on your part for all that you put me through. Shall you deny that request I will find myself obliged to file a suite with my local Small Claim Court in an amount that will be higher than the equivalent of three months of service. I am sorry to get to this, but I have always been a good customer paying bills on time and purchasing more services than I need and I feel that you need to be responsible for your shortfalls just like you do with customers who do not respect your terms therefore you can consider the refund of three months as punitive damages for your companys incompetence in the above matters.


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