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Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 1:59pm CDT by 3e028741

Product: Flowers dead same day, company says common problem

Company: Petal Patch of Katy,

Location: 628 S. Mason Rd.
Katy, TX, 77450, US


Category: Other

I ordered flowers online with this company because they were a FTD Florist local to the area that I needed them delivered to. The driver couldn't find the house, spoling the surprise, having to call for directions.

With delivery charges I paid approx. $50 for a small, THREE FLOWER arrangement. The day the arrangement was delivered one flower died, by the second day the other 2 flowers were dead.

I called the Petal Patch Florist and the lady told me this is a common problem with this type of flower and they don't know they even sell this arrangement. WHAT? No offer to replace or refund - Just that this is a common issue with this type of flower, that they don't live well in foam. I told her that it cost her a customer and she let it go with a "too bad" attitude. I can't hardly believe it!

Never again.


Oh, and to add insult to injury, I marked NOT to add me to their mailing list and I am getting junk from them anyway! It's in the form of "thank you" emails but it's junk email none-the-less.

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8156c01f, 2010-01-29, 02:46PM CST

Well, I use this flower shop and they always do a fantastic job! They also have a refund and replacement policy to replace flowers within 48hours. Flowers are a live plant and they don't last forever. Also, I entered my e-mail address for any promotional or e-mails. You can only request on your own for any e-mails. Once a complaint customer always comes back w/ more complaint, perhaps it was a smart move for the shop to let go.

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