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Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 2:57pm CDT by 346358a1

Company: LA Fitness Club

Location: Corporate Office: Newport Beach, CA Complaint Location: Norwalk, CT
Newport Beach, CA, US


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The pool at LA Fitness in Norwalk CT is dirty, so dirty the pool is cloudy. I knew it was dirty when I used it, but I needed to take an acqua fit class. It was my first time using the pool, since I had joined the day before. The new member person said they cleaned the pool every week, but at the acqua fit class, the other women said the pool was dirty more than it was clean. They said they had complained about, but no one ever did anything about it. I tried to find someone to talk to about it, but no one cared and when I asked for a manager, it seemed everyone at the front desk was one. No one knew how to get in touch with the manager of the club. A week later when I checked the water, it was still dirty. Thank goodness I only joined for one month! In addition, I got an urinary tract infection from using it.

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8997ed64, 2011-06-11, 02:06PM CDT

My name is Kevin Byrne and I am a former member of the Traditions La Fitness. I have been complaining to the Management of the club that the pool was not correct and in fact cloudy with a slimy coating on the pools bottom.

After many complaints I took a sample of the water and tested it to find NONE of the test were in acceptable limits according to the industry standards. I brought this information to the club manager Michelle. She was so busy defending the club and gave no notice to the test results that was in January. In face they were discarded.

I and several of the people taking the aqua fitness classes complained on a daily basis. I cancelled my membership due to the lack of action take by the club in fact I was almost hospitalized after getting a vey severe lung infection that my doctor said was from the pool.

After much discussion with my friends they assured me the conditions had improved in fact the pool seemed cleaner and the slim which was prevalent before is gone.

I decided to attend a class on Monday and by the following morning I had some cough or infection. I thought it must be in my head, I went on Wednesday and took the class it got worse. I went on Friday with a simple pool test strip and tested the pool to find a similar condition to those in January.

I again brought it again to the manager and received the same treatment as previously stated. The strip was destroyed before even looking at it. I was told that maybe I should cancelled my membership that I was the only one complaining.

My feeling is that a lot of elderly and those that have physical limitation use the pool as a low impact for of exercise and those that are extremely sensitive to the poor conditions of the water. The club in mention services the community of many elderly people.

The pool is serviced by an outside vendor and I don't understand why they would not use the information as a way to check the vendor instead they dismissed me. This is a dangerous business practice when the same industry that is there to promote health is in fact creating conditions for the opposite.

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