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Posted on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at 9:24am CDT by 98ef8472

Product: www.nueratel.com

Company: www.nueratel.com

Location: Nu Era Telecom P.O.Box 190959
Miami Beach, Miami Beac, US

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This company is a fake, all lies, never sign up with this.

They take your credit card info. and all bad people working from india who does credit card skimming.

Very rude customer service, they pressure you to get the credit card number, be careful with this company.

there are running on a PO box number no contact information at all.


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75cf8364, 2009-09-25, 03:37PM CDT

Their telemarketer called and also asked for last three didgit at the back of credit card.

Then I felt supicios and called credit card company whether I was supposed to give last three didgit they said no. then I blocked my card.

6bc10533, 2009-10-17, 11:06PM CDT

I wish I had read this before signing, now I have lost my $ 40 on my credit card. There's no response on their 1-800 # & no confirmation #s work.

75a25e19, 2009-11-07, 10:15AM CST

In 2008, I received over a dozen telemarketing calls from Nuera Tel. Each and every time they call, we have made it clear that we are not interested in their service and to please put their in their Do Not Call list and to please stop calling me. We've even told them that we are registered in the National Do Not Call Registry and that we have registered complaints and will register another complaint, but these people don't care.

I've registered about half a dozen complaints against Nuera Tel with the National Do Not Call Registry -- In fact, I've been registered with them since the day they started that registry. Talk about another ineffective government program.

In one particular night in August 2008, I received over 5 telemarketing calls from Nuera Tel from around 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. About three of 4 telemarketers kept calling me on that day. I even told them that my son was recovering from a surgery and to please not disturb us during his recovery. That basically fell on deaf ears. This is a game for these people. They basically don't care because they feel they are controlling you.

The next day I called their office in Miami (1-877-686-7484) to narrate the badgering the day before and again told them to put me in their Do Not Call list. The supervisor I spoke to apologized profusely and said I'll never hear from them again.

As you may have guessed, they didn't keep their promise. In December 2008, then again in January 2009 and now in November 2009, I kept getting calls from their telemarketers. Nuera tel has to be worst company ever.

62f01a77, 2009-12-06, 02:20PM CST

Thanks for the info; I started getting calls yesterday. I will turn them down. I will let them know that they have a bad reputation, and I can't do business with them!

62f01a77, 2009-12-06, 02:20PM CST

Thanks for the info; I started getting calls yesterday. I will turn them down. I will let them know that they have a bad reputation, and I can't do business with them!

62f01a77, 2009-12-06, 02:21PM CST

Thanks for the info; I started getting calls yesterday. I will turn them down. I will let them know that they have a bad reputation, and I can't do business with them!

a157aea1, 2009-12-16, 02:20PM CST

I am so glad that you guys wrote down your experience. Thank you so much. They got me into this but good thing i didn't signup right away. I won't believe any indian companies any away. they tell you their incorrect name, and incorrect location. They pose they are USA based company but when asked some questions most of the time they pretend not listening to you. Please beaware of them and again thank you for putting this information on the web.

f1fb30a2, 2010-01-26, 03:26PM CST

The company is a real bogus and lie about their services. they said they give 2.5 cents anywhere in pakistan. after i open up account i found that they lied about it and its only for Karachi. they also didnt tell about 39cents charge per call.

they still have $39.95, which they now said that can give back as calling card. I said i need my money back not the calling card.

their customer service and specially sales which is sitting somewhere else and selling this service. I strongly discourage everyone not to use this service.

Its a complete rip off.

do not give your credit card # or any details. do not use their service

3f0726d2, 2010-02-02, 12:56PM CST

Real Bogus. Refuse to take their calls.

38487fbf, 2010-02-07, 09:00AM CST

I also wish I read these comments before. The telemarketer called me, and gave me a better rate than what I was paying with my previous telecom company, but they wanted me to give them $38 deposit on my credit card. I was naive (I am avoiding to stay "really stupid") and gave them my credit card. The first bill was $50, when it could have been less than $30 with the previous company I was with. They also charge for administrative fees per month, which was not charged by the other company I used to deal with.

I called their customer service, told them I wanted to cancel the account, and offered to pay $12 ($50 - $38 deposit). They refused to refund the $38 deposit. They confirmed that their policy is to give calling cards instead of refunding the deposit. I refused as I did not want to use their service anymore (the quality of the call was not the best either).

The customer service team is EXTREMELY RUDE.

I am going to pay the $50 and I am going to lose the $38 deposit, because I do not want to ruin my credit score.

I am also going to cancel my credit card. After what they did, I don't know if I can trust having my credit card with them on file.


566400b0, 2010-05-01, 09:26AM CDT

They are fraud...if anyone of you knows where to report it, please do it or let me know where to report. They took my money but are not eturning it. It was promised to me that if I do not like their service, they will return my money immediately., it has been 5 months and over 10 calls...everybody who picks up the phone calls himself a Manager, I think they are running this company from some stable or sty

f3e80700, 2010-06-02, 07:16PM CDT

We have to STOP giving our credit card online plus ADVANCE MONEY Bcoz the owner of this company is keep pushing the agents to grab 40.00 dollars from the market and then they will get paid poor agents cant do anything making us FOOL so whenever somebody call yu yu ask them to give us money to listen yu or simply ask them to end the call our time is not free Thanks

ef26643d, 2010-07-15, 02:53AM CDT

I wish I had gone through all the comments before giving them my personal and financial particulars, now I am also the victim of this nueratel. Off course It is fake, and all lies.

I realized second day, when they again asked me about the credit card detail to give me the pin # for my cell phone.

I immediately checked the bank statement on the internet, but these morons had already taken $38.95 from my accounts.

after getting dozens of call only in one day I request them to cancel my service but they said whatever calls you have made through them, you have to pay and your account will never be cancelled.

Now I have refused to pay further amount as I know they cannot take any action, and please be assured that your credit history will not be effected due to these indian scammers.

18bf270e, 2010-08-25, 01:51AM CDT

yes it is a lie and disrespectful company. they called me on August 18 2010. And I told them that I am not interested on whatever they selling. and they ask me you called in bulacan right and I ask what the name of there company the first i heard was new era telecom and and the second that I ask was nuera telecom right they told me secret and she said Im not going to give you my company name and she hang up on me that was so rude, disrespectful and not honest company

5d444cb0, 2010-09-04, 12:11PM CDT

Gosh.. same mistake. wish i too would have read this...

Lost $40 and i cannot cancel bcoz there $2.36 outstanding balance. I can only cancel end of their billing cycle and after payment. I have not went though the stage "we will only pay calling card yet" and looking at it, i'm expected to hear this...

55b994e3, 2010-09-22, 07:47AM CDT

I am glad l looked this complaint. I am getting calls from this Neura Telecom asking me to signup for long distance

Person who has been calling his name is JAMES and he gave me is id # 227.He has INDIAN accent


Same person will call from different phone # if you do not answere

6b7dbf2b, 2010-11-21, 07:53AM CST

They charge my credit card without having transaction with them!!!!!!!Beware of this company...

Anonymous, 2011-03-25, 08:19AM CDT

this company is not reliable, they are not refunding safety deposit, all lie, please don't give them credit card

53490ae8, 2011-04-06, 06:39PM CDT

Yes it is all lies, they phone me and i told them i just want to pay $2.99 but instead they get $39.+. I asked why they got that amount and they said it is refundable aside from the befefits they offer. Its all lie because of all the charges they are deducting its more than using card.Any way i cancelled and i ask for my refund. The guy said it takes 6-46 days, after 45 days nothing no refund i call them they offer calling worth 50 dollars but its useless. they are ripping my minutes how the hell they charge me for 46minutes and 23 second calling Philippines for 16.80. This company is real greedy. dont fall into this scam, they offer a lot but its only sugar talk, they are full of lies and greed.

be762bbb, 2012-02-16, 02:52AM CST

OMG!!! I thought I was alone. These are a bunch of thieves. I disconnected service with them and it has been 5 months now and I still haven't have my refundable deposit refunded. Please advice.

6017fe94, 2012-05-27, 06:56PM CDT

It is is fake and ring master. They have not refunded too it is alraedy 3 months. They said refund will take place within 30 to 120 days. I kept calling on CS and it always says look at rules on refund in nueratel website. It is pissing me off. I am not the one who was cheated by them. please be careful and do not give them credit card info.

9bc4f3da, 2012-06-02, 01:12PM CDT

so i am not the only one,basicly i have the same story with those ......,the only different is that when they found out i am smarter than them they used street language and threats against me and my family.they should be punished,they still bother me every few weeks even though i am on the national no call list ,i do not know who can protect me from them???

8c54b477, 2012-08-26, 10:13PM CDT

There is one person by the name of Shahid and he was so rude and abnoxious and called me and abused me. Moreover, he called my wife's cell and said that he is going to charge big amounts on my credit card. I cancelled my credit card right away. Please stay away from this company. I wish someone in India takes notice of these people and bring them to task.

Marlon H., 2013-03-18, 12:54PM CDT


857a6e07, 2013-06-08, 10:16AM CDT

Nueratel is one of the worst cheater company in the world. Their marketer offered 4cents to me for Pakistan, company gave me 5.9cents and said marketer told you wrong, when I received bill it was 12 cents per minute. when I called them for this bogus bill, they offered for discount and correction, it never happened, again called on next bill half of bill corrected.

I was told there are no hidden charges and now they are charging for seven hidden services-I am Canada and this bullshit company charging me for conversion rates from Canada to US.

Poor service which ever you cannot imagine. I will never recommend this company for business to anyone.

I don't have right words to use how I pissed of with this company of thieves/thugs and stealers-never go to this company aver.

akki a., 2013-09-04, 11:08AM CDT

you stupid guys this not a indian or pakistani or any other country's company .. its your country's company usa itself ... and they are making you fool by running their business from different countries .. you people will never understand how your own country like ( usa) making fraud with you ;) dont you people understand ? why government is not taking any action ? it is because they are taking money from these companies :P

akki a., 2013-09-11, 02:36AM CDT

listen brothers and sisters... you all are yourself responsible for this cheat because you should check the actual rates from website why you are believing on executives they will say watever 1 cent , 2 cent but the standard for us to pak is 5.9c/m no connection fee and 6.4c/m for canada to pak .. you people dont have your eyes to check the website ? whenever you go to market to buy an item you starts bargaining but here situation is different .. if you say that that company is offerning us 3 cent or blah blah.... then we have to tell you fraud rates thats why you all are responsible for this shit ... so please kindly check rates on website and then take service .. otherwise you will be fucked again...

www.nueratel.com is website of compny check the rates and then take service be sure about connection fee and no connection fee plan service is very good .. and one more thing i will say in the last is ... it is telemarketing not a general store so dont ever bargain there .. you will be getting good service discounts are too much here .. but you should understand what you are taking .... and foolish people who go for auto debit are really big fool if you are not sure about bill try local biling paper billing if 1st month its okk then go for auto debit ... no other company in market is providing you such a good rates .. so take the rates by checking website dont beleive on excecutives the comments you are posting here are meaningless because all comments are based on what excecutive have given them .. no comment mention the actual rate .. because in todays world also there are many people who give there credit debit card without checking actual rates ... :P

akki a., 2013-09-11, 02:47AM CDT

any query regarding this company .. contact me [email protected]

syed s., 2014-01-18, 12:58PM CST

Hi Folks

Nueratel is a total fraud company. I want to provide a small guideline in order to make sure that you dont fall prey to them. I am from Calgary, i received a call from them few days back and the person (Shahid) told me that calling pakistan would charge me only 2c/min. and a one time charge of $3.9 for activation purpose. i told him that i havent heard good things about them, like you guys deduct $40 during activation. he confirmed that all those stuff are rumors. he confirmed me that there would be no additional charges of any sort on my account either refundable or non-refundable. I managed to prolong this deal for 3-4 days. meanwhile i thought of an idea. I told him that i am ready to activate the services but i would be using a prepaid visa/master card worth $20. if i like the service then i would start using my regular visa/master card. he said that system will not accept $20 card and i need at least $50 card. I told him thats not possible i wont be using a card worth that much since i have heard that your company deduct $35-$40 during activation. Now at this moment he confessed and said yes we do deduct that money but that is refundable.

I told him never to call me again because i asked him this before and he lied to me. Its very sorry that our own people which we should trust try to rob us. they dont care how a person is making his/her living. no doubt we are notorious in whole world.

If someone from nueratel call you and tell you there is no additional fee of any sort dont trust them. But if you still wana give it a try just tell them you will use a card that has a limit of $20 dollars. Then see what they say. I hope that helps.

Andrea J., 2014-03-26, 10:06PM CDT

Ok. This is my experience and if you can benefit from it, please do so. If not, good luck and be careful. First, this has nothing to do with nationalities and who has a noble nationality and who doesn't. THIS IS ABOUT SCAMMING! Particularly,them SCAMMING you. I had my first experience with this a year or two ago. Periodically, they would call attempting to scam me and overly the last month or two, they call relentlessly nonstop to scam me. A few simple rules will save your money and your pride and ensure you do not end up a victim. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers so they aren't scammed. I have never given them ways to actually take my money, thank God, but it is not for their lack of trying. I did have to close and reopen a bank account and change phone numbers I have had for years, a major pain in the tookus.


1) If you do not give out financial information such as account numbers or credit/debit card information, and you never allow anyone access to personal areas such as your computer, they CANNOT rob or scam you. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AND DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER.

2) It's ALWAYS Indian sounding people that contact you (from India, not native American). Usually it's men but sometimes it is a woman.

3) They ALMOST ALWAYS provide American first names like, Jack, Peter, Steve, Kevin, Robby, etc. Usually last names provided will be American also.

4) There are three scams they have used with me. The name of the company is insignificant. First is the international calling scam discussed here, NueEra Tel and others. Company name is insignificant. The scam is the issue. Second scam is your computer sent messages to them (they said they were Microsoft who NEVER calls you like that)and that your computer is about to crash. At some point, they will request access to your computer, after they have walked you through checking areas of your computer that would suggest it is having problems but really are normal functionings of your machine. Third, personal loan offers up to $20k to $30k with ridiculously low interest rate and monthly payments with loan terms as long as you want them basically. They will ask you to purchase a "green dot card" at a local drugstore to show them you have the means to make the loan payments. Look up green dot cards on your own for further explanation.

5) They will call through many different phone numbers. Often it is not ever the same number, even if they're calling you more than once on the same day from the same "company" about the same scam. Ask them to call you back. It will be from a different number or a private or unknown number. Its never the same number twice.

6) They will become vulgar, foul, obscene, and threatening if you don't comply and you try to vet them out. I have three messages saved right now. One is a long diatribe about Indian Jack's very long anatomy and how he wants to sodomize me and my husband (my kids were the first to listen to this voicemail left on my home phone. Lovely). The other is stating my husband is being investigated for federal and state "complaints" against his ssn. If you call back on a different day than when the message was left, the number no longer works and is a "ping" number that you cannot tell who owns it. A third guy said he has all my husband's ssn and bank information and he can use it in any way he wants to do whatever he wants with it.

No matter what company these people say they are with, do not entertain any conversation. Hang up the phone right away. "Do not call" registries are useless. Sign up if you want but know they provide no deterrent whatsoever. If you want better international calling rates, loan rates, etc., do your homework and thoroughly check out companies. Don't give your financial info to an Indian guy named Kevin who calls you out of the blue one night. Offers that are too good to be true often are.

Good luck and be careful and pass the word along to those you care about. There is little to no recourse once you have become a victim.

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