Verizon wireless - Verizon wireless greedy corporation

Posted on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at 5:30pm CDT by b301a9fe

Company: Verizon wireless

Location: US


Category: Other

I have been a customer of verizon wireless for over 8 years. I have one of the original 20 dollar a month with 150 anytime minutes plans with the 'new every two' option. I have renewed every 2 years since 2001. A couple of weeks ago I tried to upgrade to the LG Env Touch since I now have the LG Env, but was instructed on the web site that my plan does not support the phone, which is strange because earlier this year my plan did support the Env Touch. After complaining to Verizon to no avail I tried to upgrade to a different phone, about a week later, and lo and behold my plan does not include 'new every two', Verizon change the original terms of my contract. Phones that I was eligible for just a few days ago are no longer part of my plan. Verizon wireless is trying to pull the rug from under my 20 dollar plan in order to get me to change to one of their higher plans, which start at 39.99, this is corporate greed plain and simple. It does not pay to be to a company because they are not going to be loyal to the customer. Has anyone else experience this or something similar from Verizon?


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