Colorado Shell - Shell Gas Station refusal to refund when unable to deliver the service and refusal to assist customer

Posted on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at 2:04pm CDT by 3824ca59

Product: Car wash at Colorado Shell

Company: Colorado Shell

Location: 2716 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA, 91107, US

Category: Other

I paid for a car wash with my Amex card on 8/22/09 at 20:45 and the car wash machine broke down. It sprayed my car with water and then stopped. The attendant reset the code and I took the car in another time and again it stopped after the initial water spray. I was terrified trapped inside and was not sure if I should exit the wash. I forced my car over the huge hum and went to the attendant's office and asked for credit. He said that he can't give me credit. Only the manager can give credit the next day. He told me to come back tomorrow morning. Travis, the attendent went to the machine and came back and said that the machine is down and he can't give me another code to be used at another day until the machine is fixed either.

On 8/23/09 around 11:15 I went back to the station and Travis, the same attendent was there and he told me that the manager is not present. I asked what time he will be back and he said that he does know know. I asked for him to contact him and Travis said he does not have the number. I asked for the corporate number and he said he does not have it. The only number he has is the number posted on the window.

I feel that the Shell gas station has extremely poor customer service because they refused to refund customer when they can't deliver the service/goods. The attendent, Travis, was not customer friendly and was not helpful in resolving the customer's concerns. He wasted customer's time by asking customer to return and when the manager was not on site. That info should have been communicated the very first time.

Vendors should always have a way to refund customers when services can't be rendered at the time of payment. The Shell station inconvenienced me 2 times and put me through a miserable experience. I was required to go back the 3rd time before I was able to get my car washed since the attendant was not able to give refund. The whole experience could have been pleasant if the attendant gave me a refund promtly.

Thank you.


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