Honda of Riverhead - Honda of Riverhead doesn't stand by their warantees

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2009 at 12:17am CDT by e49b316e

Product: Honda jet ski

Company: Honda of Riverhead

Location: Pulaski Rd
Riverhead, NY, 11901, US

Category: Other

Bought an extended waranty for my jet skiis. One that was practically new began stalling when at high speeds. It took them a whole year to fix. They damaged it (there wasn't a scratch when they got it) and lost the cover. I haven't tried it yet and am hoping it really is fixed this time - been told that before only to have to bring it right back. I lost a whole year of use, the jet skiis have depreciated a year, it is now damaged, and they yelled at me when I picked it up and said I cannot bring it back there ever again despite I bought waranty from them! They are rude and incompetent and it has been a living hell dealing with them for the past year!

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Business Reply  Brian, 2013-03-20, 06:56PM CDT

This issue was settled in court and the dealer was found to have done everything they could to help this consumer. This consumer bought two used jet skis and only purchased an extended warranty from the dealer. All problems were covered by the warranty and the consumer received $ 400 worth of covers for his inconvience plus free winterizations since when he brought them in it was October and to cold to water test at that time.

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