Airtel India sucks!!

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2009 at 11:44am CDT by fe555b92

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Ref: Migration of post-paid numbers 9880306171 & 9880716416 to pre-paid numbers. [Jurisdiction: Bangalore City]

1 Please note, the migration was to the same subscriber; under the same name, same billing address, same phone number, same SIM card number.

1.1 All documents required [as mentioned on the Migration Form AND by the representatives at Airtel Outlet] had been submitted [on 05/08/09 and 11/08/09 respectively]

1.2 Re-charge amounts of Rs.198 per number have been submitted.

1.3 Post submission, extra documents were required [as directed by phone calls from Airtel]. They have also been submitted, in person.

1.4. Please note, the requirement of these extra documents was never mentioned in any form or at the Airtel Outlet initially.

2. were initially activated [on different dates].

2.1 Both numbers were threatened to be de-activated [by Airtel official calls] citing ??incomplete documentation?? as reason.

3. To prevent [2.1]:

3.1 Subscriber has visited Airtel Outlet no less than 4 times.

3.2 Subscriber has had conversations with Airtel officials [of various ranks] no less than 10 times.

3.3 Subscriber has been assured of non-deactivation on every occasion.

3.4 Subscriber has been assured by Airtel that no further documentation is necessary.

4. Post [3.], both numbers were activated [on different dates].

5. On 21/08/09 all outgoing calls were barred on both numbers.

5.1 Reason cited was again ??incomplete documentation??.

5.2 As a result, users of the above mentioned numbers have missed job appointments, professional appointments, educational appointments and social appointments resulting in financial loss and severe mental trauma.

6. With exactly the same set of documents submitted, one number is active; the other is flagged & inactive because of ??incomplete documentation??!!

7. With respect to [5.2] what financial damages can I seek from Airtel under legal supervision?


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