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Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 6:26pm CDT by f585a8a4

Product: Samsung pn50a460

Company: Samsung Electronics

Location: 105 Challenger rd.
Ridgefield park, NJ, 07660, US


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I purchased a Samsung 50" plasma TV. on Jan 27, 2009. I had the TV for about 5 months and while my family and I were watching some movies, we heard a loud noise and the screen went blank. I smelled something burning, unplugged the unit and called Samsung. A couple of days later a man came out to repair it and said that the screen was cracked. This TV has 2 layers of glass on the screen and the inner layer was the one that was cracked. Samsung has refused to repair the unit, stating that it is physical damage to the tv which is not covered under warranty. The unit has a 3 year warranty and not a scratch on it. It has never been touched or moved since delivery. I couldn't even crack the inside glass if I wanted to without at least scratching the outside glass. I have called samsung numerous times since this happened and I have only ever received one call back on my voice mail stating that they won't cover the repair. There is a man online that found over 20 people with the same problem and my service man said that he had 2 cases just like it in his shop at this time. This is rediculous that this company is getting away with doing this to their customers especially now that there is a track record of this problem.


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6e339da9, 2009-09-16, 10:59PM CDT

On the 49th day after purchasing my Samsung PN50A450 it made a loud pop and the INTERIOR glass cracked from corner to corner. The screen when black and now it just makes a loud humming noise. Two techs sent by Samsung came out and inspected the TV and reported to Samsung there is absolutely NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. After almost 8 months of arguing with Samsung, sending additional pics and even having a tech take the tv apart...... they say sorry that this problem is unheard of. They concluded that the TV must have physical damage and it is not covered under warranty. I'm out well over a $1000 plus they made me pay one of the damned service calls. I have contacted an attorney and we are looking for people to possibly bring a class action lawsuit against Samsung. I looked up on the internet and a slew of people that have experienced the same exact situation and I want to putting together a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!! Please contact me at [email protected] to join this cause.

6e339da9, 2011-04-19, 10:32AM CDT

I have sent your message to my attorney who handled the case against Samsung and won. He will forward it to the Office of the President at Samsung which should help with you getting some resolution with your case.

Good luck!

f9774956, 2011-06-29, 08:10PM CDT

Hi!!! Just wondering if you ever went through with the lawsuit. We just bought a plasma samsung 50" in Feb. 2011 and the same thing happened to me. What was your outcome

f9774956, 2011-07-11, 10:49PM CDT

Bought samsung 50" plasma tv and same thing happened. Samsung refuses to cover it. Will never buy samsung. They do not back their products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

58b7c1b3, 2011-12-02, 01:13AM CST

We bought a Samsung plasma tv with an extended 2 year warranty from a Best Buy on 2/7/11. About 4 months later we had a green line appear and Geeksquad came and fixed it but left a couple of screws out the back we later noticed. Right after that a thick white line started showing up where the green line was but it went away so we cancelled another repair. On 11/11/11 there was a thin black line going across the bottom and then it cracked right where the black line was and the picture went black and only the sound worked.We called Geeksquad and they wouldn't fix it because they said it was physical damage, basically calling us liars and told us to call Samsung. Samsung told us to send pictures and when they got back to us said it was physical damage as well. This is ridiculous since we didn't touch the tv how could it be physical damage. There isn't even a scratch on the outside of the glass, it's perfectly smooth.Samsung finally offered to pay for the parts if we pay for the labor and this is unacceptable since it's under warranty and we did not damage the tv we should not have to pay anything. We looked up consumer reports after this and have found this same thing has happened to many others. We just want samsung to make this right.

Tam V., 2013-10-29, 08:50PM CDT

I have a Samsung Model PN50A460 manufacturer date of Feb. 2009. The tv does NOT fall under the class action lawsuit (manufacturer dates are 2006 to 2008)to receive the "free" capacitor replacement via Samsung. My tv is doing the exact same thing as the "older models. It's making the "clicking" sound with the on/off cycling, but the tv NEVER comes on. All you can hear is the "clicking" noise.

I called Samsung and they will not honor the repair because my tv is two months outside the manufacturer's date and I will have to pay for the repair. My question is has anyone else had this problem with their set after the 2008 manufacturer's date?

Please let me know. Any information I can have at my disposal will help me in dealing with Samsung!


Stewing in Tennessee

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