Magrabi Optical (Jeddah City Center) - MAGRABI OPTICAL manager is a hoax-Jeddah City Center

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 10:18am CDT by 287383e3

Product: Contact lens (permanent)

Company: Magrabi Optical (Jeddah City Center)

Location: Madinah Commercial C.R. Branch Balad District- King Abulaziz St. P.O. Box 7540 Jeddah 21472
Jeddah, Je, 7540, SA


Category: Other

It was 17th of August year 2009, Monday evening when me and my husband went to Balad to purchase an item from MAGRABI OPTICAL SHOP(Branch mentioned above). I purchased a pair of permanent contact lens with hazelnut color with grade of 1.5. We asked the sales rep there how much is that and he told us that was 450 RIYALS.So we didn't think twice and payed the said price.What he only gave us was just a small cardboard with a logo of their shop and he just wrote my name "SHEILA 450 paid" and before we left he just got my number and my whole name and told us that they will delivered it after 2 days. The day after around 9:30 in the morning I was on duty, my phone rang and it was the sales rep Mohamed Reda Elfoly. He told me that i have to add more 50 RIYALS. Since I was at work that time I really can't argue with him or even got a chance to complaint or even asked the reason why. So i just told him "Ok, Ok I'm working right now, I'll just tell my husband later about it." So, that same day, around 9:30 in the evening my husband called him complained about it and decided to cancel our order if he won't give it for the said price as 450. But this HOAX sales rep didn't agreed. He even sounded in a high pitched voice which is in the first place it was his own mistake. So my husband told this hoax guy that he wants to talk to their manager.And he said he was the manager of that branch.MY GOD!! What kind of manager he is!!! We don't believe him 'cause if he's really the manager, HOW COME HE DOESN'T KNOW EXACTLY THE PRICE WHAT HE'S SELLING!!! So the next day 19th of August around 9:30 in the evening, we went there and tried our best to deal with him in a professional way. But what he did was he doesn't even smile neither talk to us to treat us like customers. As if we're just people who didn't exist and continue to asked for that darn 50 RIYALS without even telling us the reason why he added it. That night, HE DIDN'T EVEN GAVE US OUR MONEY BACK THE 450 RIYALS..So what we only got was the invoice and that darn small cardboard as my proof to make a complaint against this HOAX GUY named MOHAMED REDA ELFOLY.I'm not interested with the money. What I only want to happen is to teach this a guy a lesson and work as a professional person and teach him to obtain a morale attitude with his customers.. THAT WAS REALLY THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MINE BEING A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER OF MAGRABI OPTICAL. And I believe that I have to do something with it to solve this kind of thwarting situations that I don't want to happen to anyone.This man deserves a serious consequence for what he did to us and I WILL NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!! This is my very first time to complain onto someone because what he really did to us was wrong and SO UNFAIR!!! (The transactions that has been made and payed MUST stay the same and NO ADDITIONAL PRICE should be included or added when we picked up the item.)


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