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Posted on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 at 8:54am CDT by 29eb5694

Company: t-mobile pre-paid

Location: T-Mobile Customer Relations P.O. Box 37380 Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380
Albuquerque, NM, 87176-7380, US

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T-mobile's customer service has gone DOWN HILL. Never having any experiences with camera phones, I made 3 attempts to find out info about a T-mobile pre-paid camera phone that is on sale this week in Houston. All attempts failed. In fact one t-mobile rep directed me to ATT pre-paid:

1. First call: The T-mobile rep (India English, spoke too fast) gave me another number to call and it turned out to be ATT pre-paid service. The ATT customer service person was very courteous. He did answer some of my questions. Maybe a T-mobile supervisor would be interested to know that a T-mobile customer service person is redirecting customers to ATT.

2. Then I called t-mobile again. This time, the rep told me how much it cost to send a photo on pre-paid phone and then put me on hold, for quite a while, for other questions regarding camera specifications. The next thing I knew, I got a recording that the number I have dialed is closed. And click. Rude. She should have come back on the line. Furthermore, for next time, I still don't know which dept. to contact.

3. I then went online and found a chat. I took the time to typed the complaint and question. Then I click next and got a message saying that chat is currently closed and gave times that it will be open. I lost what I typed. Why not give this info up front, BEFORE the customer takes the time to type the question, which pomptly gets lost.

By the way, I know this is Sunday. However, the sale is limited supply and I was trying to find out info before the store opened.

I'm not complaining because I did not find the info on Sunday morning. I'm complaining about the manner that T-Mobile reponded to my inquiries.


72beb753, 2010-10-05, 07:37AM CDT

Typical of the current T Mobile, I have been a business customer for almost 10 years.

The current T Mobile is so far out of tune as to what real customer service is it is a common occurance to find people answering questions they have no idea about.

And to find a member of management is almost impossible

626f7a27, 2011-12-05, 09:40AM CST

I want people to know, that I am a customer of T-mobile, and I have been for over the pass 7yrs, with two different contracts. I want everyone to know just how unfair T-mobile has been to me in the pass 2 months. Im writing this because trying to fight two big companies will never go in my favor, Im just a average person, who will never get her voice heard. Well T-mobile sold me a Blackberry Curve back in July,2011, for $5.00, this phone was only a spare for my house hold, like I said earlier I have two contracts, one of those contracts have 5 lines on it, and they all are active, so this Blackberry is only a spare, the old Blackberry was broken, so I droped off th! e broken phone inside of UPS drop box back in July 2011, and have called in to T-mobile every month after this, and no one ever told me that the broken phone never got to them. I had to call in November and ask why my bill was $600 dollars, well this is when they told me that I owe them $300 for the broken phone. WOW!!!!!! I have been on the phone with both companies and really more with T-moible, my carrier, and they have treated me like NOTHING, DIRT!!!!!! They have informed me that there is nothing they can do for me, I even offered to send the new Blackberry back to them, they told me NO! they dont want it. I was told by their MGT, that the higher up in the company I go, I would get worst treatment, WOW!!! Can someone please put this out there in the news, to T-mobile, PLEASE!!!!! No one at T-mobile will give me the CEO email address or a Chief Director email address. I live in Georgia. I need help, please help me. Thanks Nora West.

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