Torrenza Mazatlan - Scammed by Torrenza

Posted on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 2:45pm CDT by e170f588

Company: Torrenza Mazatlan

Location: Mazatlan, Mexico, MX

Category: Other

I am writing this complaint to warn as many citizens as I can, Torrenza will make many promises, and you will find that none of them are true, please stay away for Torrenza in Mazatlan, Mexico.

We made the biggest mistake of our life. John Nolan and Karem Roland are two people we wish we would have never met. We believe this contract is a fraud.

We were told that we were going to get a $3,000 usd check a week to 2 after we came home from vacation and that would bring our balance down (talking about the purchase price). Also, if we did not use our weeks per year we would receive a $2,000 usd check per week, which we asked them that would take care of our payment, but we could still use all the benefits like getting tickets from ticket master at 50% off for any sporting event/concert is USA.

Karem also gave us the number to call and he said it was a lady in New York, she would order the tickets and they would be mailed to us. Well the number was actually customer service for Torrenza and they knew nothing about discounts tickets. He also stated that we could stay in ANY hotel in Minnesota for 80% the price which was also a LIE.

When we returned home from the trip, it was a month and we did not receive our money. WE were told we could get a call were we could send our $3,000 usd check and also a packet welcoming us into the Family. NOTHING WAS EVER SENT AND NO CALLS WERE EVER MADE. Ive sent many emails asking what is going on and no response to anything.

Torrenza made many PROMISES and made the whole deal sound too good to be true, and well it was.

Scammed Customer.

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