Travelocity - Refund Policy

Posted on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 3:04pm CDT by b77f2acc

Product: Vacation Package

Company: Travelocity

Location: San Antonio, TX, US


Category: Other

Be careful when booking online with Travelocity for vacation packages. They have a very rigid cancellation or modification of reservation policy. Unfortunately, I booked a DisneyWorld vacation with Travelocity and due to an unexpected death of a colleague, my work schedule was changed and I could not take the trip. I explained the situation to them. They referred my request for a refund to their Consumer Relations Division. I was supposed to get an update in 7 business days. One month later, after hearing nothing I called them and got an Indian speaking person on the other end of the phone who claimed I recieved an email (changed the date it was supposedly sent twice) denying my request. I advised him I did not recieve an email and he proceded to explain that I would not be refunded because it was an "airline issue". I asked, "What about the hotel?" and got no answer. I told him to resend me the email. Strangely, it was dated 17 Aug 2009, nearly one month later than it was supposedly sent. In the email, the reason for my denial was that the death was not an immediate family member or traveling companion. This struck me as fishy, as they were seeming to make up reasons for the denial as they were going along. I am not sure this request for a refund was ever reviewed by anyone of authority. I complained to the BBB as I hope to recieve nearly $1000 in re-booking penalties that Travelocity charged me. I recommend that no one use Travelocity and use Expedia instead. They do not have this type of severe penalty.


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