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5155bc97, 2010-10-21, 08:42PM CDT

weird. i ordered a matrix style trench coat from them, got it in 10 days, custom fitted. it fits perfect and is made of the nicest leather. they were nice to deal with by email....

2f669062, 2011-03-19, 09:19PM CDT

I have done business with them since 2006...they were honest and efficient. But, made to order takes time. Our jackets, very difficult to size, were fabulous. I checked with the BBB before using complaints..I just checked again after reading your message, which was a surprise, as I am getting ready to order a coat...they have one complaint from 2009..I spoke to them on the phone readily..but they do not have a call number, only a fax..they will call you, however, if you email them your phone number..I suspect you were calling the fax number...they have a right not to refund your money after a certain amount of time//you didn't hear from them as you were not using proper channels to do so. Did you write to them or fax them? Also interesting you should say your credit card would not refund because of no response..that is highly unusual...usually credit cards do just the opposite or go to arbitration.if the BBB has many complaints..I think you are angry because you screwed up. Your story is a little fishy.

76ef7b74, 2012-01-10, 01:14PM CST

I cannot say whether this company is a rip-off but they claim to have a showroom and when I drove to the address online, 8820 Skokie Blvd. Skokie, IL. There is no such address. It doesn't exist.

That is a bad sign. Deceptive to say the least.

Business Reply  Edd A., 2012-09-06, 11:28AM CDT


My name is Edd, and I am the Sales Manager, at Leather Attractions. It has come to our knowledge that some of our competitor and trying to defame us by posting false allegations against us over the internet. I just came across this website over the internet and I would like to attend / resolve any issues related to our company or products, but in order to assist you, first we need to establish that you indeed made an authentic purchase with us. We need some sort of proof of purchase from you to establish that your credit card was charged for any apparels ordered from us, please also provide us the order number or a transactions number for your placed order.

I would also like clarify on the above posted comments, that, the following address located in Skokie, IL is indeed the true and correct address for our distribution center in USA, but we don't have the manufacturing facility located there, therefore its not possible for a customer to walk in there and have his or her measurements taken for customized order processing,

Leather Attractions

8820 N. Skokie Blvd, Suite 222,

Skokie, IL , 60076, USA.


Edd Ali,

Manager Sales,

Leather Attractions,

PS: You can provide us this information via email at [email protected], or fax at 1-866-768-0851, or through regular postal mail.

c9a5de27, 2013-02-27, 12:59PM CST

My husband ordered a long leather coat for me, it was paid in full, It has been two weeks no coat , no email. No number to call just email I emailed them and still have heard nothing and still waiting for my long leather coat!

Edd A., 2013-03-20, 10:06AM CDT

This post is in response to the above posted customerz comment dated:

c9a5de27, 2013-02-27, 12:59PM CST

The customer Placed her order on Feb 15, 2013, on Mar 8, 2013 she provided us her measurements for customizing her ordered coat, her order was crafted and shipped to her through DHL on 16th March, 2013, from our warehouse and customer can expect its delivery within next 24 hours. Tracking number of her shipment has already been sent to her email address and her order can be tracked through DHL's website.

Edd Ali,

Manager Sales,

[email protected]

Donna F., 2013-04-23, 07:41PM CDT

I just came across this site. I ordered a pair of pants November 1, 2006 from Leather Attractions. I was asked to forward additional info re size, etc. I notified them that I had changed my mind and wanted to cancel the order. I was charged for the pants IMMEDIATELY. I tried emailing Edd Ali a number of times and got no response. No money back nor any communication from Mr. Ali. Save your money. This company is a RIP-OFF!!!!!

Edd A., 2013-04-25, 06:13AM CDT

Dear Donna Fontno,

Your ordered item was "Side Pocket Leather Pants" and charge amount was: 122.00

You made a request to cancel your order in the end of Nov.

The amount of $122 was refunded in full to your MasterCard ending with XXXXXX5888, on: 1/18/2007, and we didn't keep a single penny out of your canceled order, therefore I would highly advise / suggest that you please verify the said refund from your bank or records and do not falsely accused us of any wrong doing, further more, after due verification, you should update your above post and should apologize for your false accusation.

If you have doubts, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us / me at any point to clarify any ambiguities.

Edd Ali,

Manager Sales,

[email protected]

Business Reply  Edd A., 2013-08-12, 03:11PM CDT

Dear Aki R.,

We appreciate your business and thank you for your kind comments / feedback, I hope you liked the leather organizer gift we sent you along with your order as a token of appreciation for your business.


Edd Ali,

Manager Sales,

[email protected]

a920b235, 2013-08-28, 11:24AM CDT

I received my order of side pocket leather pants yesterday. The quality of the pants is superb and they fit perfectly. Thank you very much for resolving the problems of the order and the delivery. I would be buying again in your shop.

Peter W., 2013-11-21, 03:20AM CST

I just finished dealing with leather attractions on a leather jacket for my wife as a early Christmas gift. We had some issues with the sleeves being too long, but that was taken care fast and completely to our satisfaction! My wife loves the jacket(Senorita's Hooded Leather Jacket) which lists for $193.00). We would deal with them again with great confidence and knowing any problems would be taken care of! Keep up the great work, Edd Ali. Anyone can email us at [email protected] and we tell anyone the same!

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