Honda service center - DUBAI

Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 4:07am CDT by 85552b60

Product: Honda Accord 2008

Company: Not Available

Location: AE

Category: Other

I had a service booking for HONDA on Aug.8th, 2009 for the following issues:

40KM service

Additional Minor things to be repaired.

Extra cigarette burnt Hole in the driver seat.

When I went there, Joseph (service advisor) told me that repairing such a cigarette burnt hole will cost me AED 350,- which I did accept it.

My Honda was kept at there custody till August 11th, 2009 when they called me to pick it up.

As I was not free that day I went to pick up my car on the August 12th,2009 , I found that the seat wasnt perfectly repaired , it became worse .

I am speechless, it could not be worse as if it was repaired with expired chemicals which made the seat looks like trash, I left it behind for further repair ,they called me 2 times to come and pick up my car, but when i checked it I found nothing was repaired and as of today, no body called me , and I am trying to call them no body is picking up.

I would like to ask you a few questions:

What substances you usually use in such cases?

Is it authenticated or not?

What kind of service that you provide to your Honda users?

How I am suppose to use my car?

Do your people know ABC customer service?


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