Expedia - terrible customer service

Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 8:32pm CDT by da857a1b

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I made a vacation package reservation to Baltimore for August 2009

We(4adults)arrvied at the hotel. It was terrible. It was surrounded by two empty lots, no restaurant facility and near a trash dump. The Expedia description said it was in walking distance to Camden Yards and inner harbor and to top it off...it was over $250 a night! Well, it was in walking distance if you wanted to walk on the highway for 1.2 miles. We immediately called Expedia. We were disconnected twice and waited at least 45 minutes to talk to someone. The person we were finally talking to was from the Phillipines and told us there was no manager or supervisor there to help us and to call back the next day.

We were very disappointed and did not want to spoil our 35th wedding anniversary by staying there.We called the next morning again and waited another 45 minutes before we talked with someone. They told us that the hotel was paid for and that was it even after we got the hotel manager to agree to refund the money to expedia. Expedia did not agree. We ended up losing almost $1500 and booking another hotel closer to the inner harbor that was beautiful and less money. EXPEDIA's extreme, uncaring and poor customer service created such a unpleasent vacation for us. Since then, after three emails and two calls, no one from Expedia has called us to give us an explanation for their terrible customer service. In fact, that same morning we had the Today show on the television and an Expedia expert was on discussing their service and customer satisfaction. Don't believe it! Anyway, We paid for the new hotel, on top of the charges for the other hotel. Don't use Expedia. They have the worst travel service I've ever come across in my life.


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805f687d, 2009-10-28, 04:48PM CDT

My husband Arthur and myself Alma Ploof have a question about our maintenance fees and I thought this was where I could ask a question. We have timeshare in Powhatan and Greensprings.Our customer number is 18529. I was once told that we could pay our maintenance fee with points. My question is this is that correct and if so how do we do this? My husband is not well and we are not able to travel like we use to.

Please send this to the correct person and let us know. Thank you very much for your help. My e-mail is [email protected] and my cell phone is 978-257-2425.

9d8c03ab, 2010-03-04, 11:10PM CST

I agree that do not use Expedia! I got some problem with them.

9d8c03ab, 2010-03-04, 11:11PM CST

I agree that do not use Expedia! I got some problem with them.

Charlene H., 2015-03-12, 12:39PM CDT

Expedia customer support is terrible! Expect to waste hours of time trying to resolve any cancellations with them. Don't waste your time with Expedia!

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