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Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 9:16am CDT by dce96d28

Company: Best Buy

Category: Stores, Shopping

We purchased a 42inch Samsung TV in December 2007, we purchased the

extended warranty, yesterday the TV stopped working, it will not turn on. We started this morning calling our local Best Buy and no answer, we called a minimum of 5 times and then decided we needed to take the TV to them.We decided we would leave the TV in the car until we talked to someone, upon walking in the man at the front instructed us to bring the TV in, I got a cart and he advised no not that one you need a different one I advised at that time, the TV would not fit on the other cart he insisted I take that other cart, sure enough the TV did not fit. I ended up carrying the TV through the store, when I got to the counter and met my wife she advised me we had two choices, one we send the TV off to Denver and we would not get it back for 3-4 weeks, or we take it back home and have someone come look at it and if they can fix it they will if not they will need to take it and that too could take 3-4 weeks, this information came from the man that worked for the "Geek Squad". When I asked why we had to send it to Denver the man behind

the counter looked very confused and irritated that I would ask such a

thing, by this time I picked up the TV and left my wife at the counter with the Geek Squad, she came out and advised we need to call and schedule someone to come out. My wife called right away and again was transferred to the Geek Squad, the lady on the phone was obviously preoccupied because my wife had to repeat everything from the phone # to the address to what's wrong.The lady then put her on hold and when she came back she advised the earliest appointment was August 27, 2009 that is 12 days from now. She proceeded to tell my wife that someone over the age of 18 needed to be there from 12-4 and someone needed to be by the phone on that day from 7am-12pm so they can call to confirm the appointment. When my wife asked so that means someone has to stay at the house from 7am-4pm the lady never acknowledged the comment never apologized and made it very apparent she wanted off the phone

to continue whatever we interrupted. Now I ask why did I pay extra for a warranty that now I have to wait a minimum of 12 days before someone even attempts to fix my problem, not one of your employees seem to care. Expecting someone to stay home all day is not realistic, we both work and have kids that need to go to school and be picked up, how are we to do this? I can get this treatment by purchasing through the Internet and pay a lot less for it.


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