Federal Express - Delivery failure

Posted on Friday, August 14th, 2009 at 1:34am CDT by d7a88ee7

Product: Federal Express Ground Service

Company: Federal Express

Location: FedEx Customer Relations 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN, 38116, US

URL: http://fedex.com/

Category: Other

We ordered a part for our refrigerator two weeks ago. It was shipped via Fedex Ground, but did not arrive. We called the part's vendor, and found out that the driver left our package at the local post office.

Fedex should know that such a failre of delivery is unacceptable, especially in a community like ours (Wrightwood, CA) where there is no home delivery by USPS and everybody has to use two addresses (PO Box and physical address) separately depending on if packages are sent via USPS or Fedex/UPS. If a package was meant to be shipped by Fedex, it only has the physical address, and not the PO Box. Without the PO Box, USPS does not know to whom the package belongs. Besides, why does USPS have to do the job Fedex is supposed to do?

The company, as all of you know, charges a hefty amount of fee for whatever delivery service they do. It is absolutely unacceptable that they charge such an amount of money from consumers and do not provide the service they are suppposed to.

What makes the matter worse, this is not the only incident with Fedex. Once our bank sent us an extremely time-sensitive document (a check to pay the down payment for our house) via Fedex, and the driver dumped it at a local elementary school. The principal of the school called our phone number written on the package (wasn't it the driver who should have called us?), and that was how we were finally able to pick it up.

We try to avoid using Fedex everytime we can and istead use UPS or USPS (by the way, UPS has never failed so far),but sometimes Fedex is the only shipping option for some vendors. Vendors also should think twice before deciding to use their service to ship their products to consumers.


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