Samsung - Airconditioner is a health hazard

Posted on Friday, August 14th, 2009 at 2:24pm CDT by Joe O.

Product: Samsung Airconditioner AW10ECB7

Company: Samsung

Location: Samsung Electronics USA 400 Valley Road Suite 201 Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856
Mt. Arlington, NJ, 07856, US


Category: Other

Air conditioner was purchased last year, and I realized water was standing in the unit, when I called last year they gave me the run around so the person who installed it for me drilled a hole in the bottom outside of the casing which allowed the water to drain, but we still had a moldy smell and a black sludge build up.

We got it out this year and cleaned out the sludge and put it in the window and noticed the smell was still there...we used it for a few months only to see the black sludge and mold reappear.

I contacted Samsung today and 5 of the technicians couldn't find any information about the unit and none of the instructions show that the air conditioner should drain or if it shoudn't drain. The higher models up have a drain hole and you have to tilt them, but this one...the water stands about an inch high and the fans touch and as they spin it sounds like a motor boat.

Samsung told me my warranty was void because I put a hole in the unit for water damage.

When I asked how I was supposed to drain it she told me there weren't any technicians that could tell me that...that I would have to have it serviced...I said "I would have to have a brand new air conditioner serviced? and she said yes.

The person I talked to who said she was the highest person I could talk to:

Ann Palmer

Agent #41

Executive Customer Relations


This model unit is a health hazard and should be recalled. Mine should be replaced but Ann Palmer Agent #41 said there was no chance of that happening. never really had my business but you certainly have lost any future business from me and my family.

I have also file complaints with:


New Jersey Consumer Protection


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