Dollar Rent A Car - Ripped off by Dollar Rent A Car

Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 10:57pm CDT by f9d54a00

Company: Dollar Rent A Car

Location: Honolulu, HI, US

Category: Other

My family and I reserved a car via Expedia for our trip to Honolulu, HI. We reserved a car for $129 for a week. Once we arrived, the clerk advised us to upgrade our car to fit the luggage. The cost was $5 extra a day. (I agreed to the upgrade) The clerk asked if I would like additional insurance, and I DECLINED as I always do with any car rental company. The clerk provided me a paper copy and highlighted sections for me to initial and sign. After we arrived home from our vacation in Hawaii, we noticed that we were charged $449 dollars for the car. We were charged $25 dollars a day for the car, and was charged for the additional insurance.

We contacted their customer service, and they said that I signed the electronic screens and contract. She even sent us a screen print of what she saw. I informed her that the clerk and I did not go through this electronic process, and the signatures on the screenprints were not mine. After several days she contacted us stating that there was nothing she can do since we signed the contract. Informed her again, that we did not go through the electronic process and asked her if she retrieved the paper copy of the contract. She stated no, and that I would have to just have my credit card company dispute the transaction. After questioning me regarding if I signed my signature electronically or not (even making me doubt myself), she told me that I better get my story straight before disputing with my credit card company. Basically, calling me a liar. She also stated that the employee has been with the company a long time, it it's hard for to think she would do anything wrong like this. Again, basically calling me a liar.

I've never had service as horrible as I did with Dollar Rent A Car, and warn everyone before renting from them. I've found many similar complaints such as mine online after this incident. I wished I would have did more research prior to booking with them.

I have disputed the transaction with my credit card company, and request that they compare my signature with the ones that Dollar had. In addition, I will have them request for any security tapes at the Dollar location to prove that we were victims of fraud. Dollar's customers have many similar complaints, but I have yet to see any legal action.

I'm still wating for my credit card company's response. In the mean time, DO NOT RENT FROM DOLLAR RENT A CAR! THEY ARE UNETHICAL AND CORRUPT!

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6a0447e2, 2010-01-11, 04:48PM CST

They are very unethical. We went to Arizona last Nov 2009 and they pulled the same thing.

According to my credit card company once you signed the contract that's it you are liable to pay it.

The thing is you do not see what you are signing for until its too late.


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