La -Z -Boy Furniture Galleries - La Z Boy Does Not Honor Warranty

Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 1:56pm CDT by fc0f6f2c

Product: Leather Chair

Company: La -Z -Boy Furniture Galleries

Location: 892 S. Rt. 59
Naperville, IL, 60540, US


Category: Other

We went shopping for some new family room furniture in the summer of 2007. In July, 2007, we ended up at La-Z-Boy in Naperville, Illinois, based mostly on reputation and the fact my parents had a La-Z-Boy sofa for more than 25 years. It certainly was not because of the price. We could have found similar items for much less, however, we wanted something from a reputable company and something that would last. We ended up buying a leather/fabric sofa and loveseat with a protection plan (in addition to the one year manufactures warranty) for $4037.00+ tax and delivery. We also bought a cocktail table for $600.00 and a leather recliner with protection plan for $1,350.00. In all, we gave La-Z-Boy $6,455.70.

The furniture was custom, so it took a few weeks for it to be delivered. It was all delivered on September 22, 2007. When it arrived, it appeared to look ok, but upon further inspection, we noticed branding marks in the leather of the sofa, loveseat and chair. I immediately called La-Z-Boy and they tried to tell me that markings of that kind were natural. I told them branding is NOT a natural occurrence and I want new pieces of furniture. After many phone calls, they reluctantly ordered all three pieces.

The first order took about 3 months (since it was custom), so we were surprised when we received a phone call in 2 weeks saying the furniture was in. We set up a delivery and when they brought it in it was the SAME EXACT SOFA, LOVESEAT AND CHAIR! I knew this because of the branding marks! Now La-Z-Boy sent Advantage Furniture Repair out to examine our claim and take photographs. They once again reluctantly agreed to order all the pieces, insisting that branding is natural.

On November 16, 2007, all pieces were re-delivered and all but the sofa were satisfactory. After more phone calls and arguing and the next (and final) sofa was delivered on March 12, 2008 and I was thankful that my dealings with La-Z-Boy were over with (or so I thought). Keep in mind all the furniture (with the exception of the cocktail table) had a one year warranty and a protection plan from Guardsman Furniture.

In October, 2008 (less than one year from when we received our new chair) I made a phone call to the store where we made our purchase because the seat on our leather recliner was cracking and the color was coming off. They asked if I had a protection plan, I said yes and they referred me to call Guardsman. I called Guardsman and was told that I needed a copy of my receipt that showed I purchased a protection plan. I could not find it, so I called the La-Z-Boy store a couple days later asking if they could help. They said they don't keep records like that and advised me to talk to La-Z-Boy Customer Service. Customer Service could not help either. They said they don??t have those records on file. Great - back to searching for the receipt. I found it; however, due to a death in the family and the holidays, I was not able to get back to Guardsman until January 2009. I didn't think it was urgent as La-Z-Boy told me Guardsman would take care of it. WRONG!

I received a phone call from Guardsman telling me that what I described (cracking leather with color coming off) is NOT part of my protection plan rather, it is a manufacturer defect and to call La-Z-Boy back. I called La-Z-Boy Customer Service and they said I am now out of warranty. I was NOT out of the warranty when this whole thing started!

At this point, my husband took over as I was completely frustrated and getting nowhere. On February 2nd, 2009, he called the Naperville store and talked to an Andrea. Andrea was nice and referred him to fax Roger (the manager) at 630-548-3178 (the Naperville store). My husband explained our situation and received a phone call from Regina from Customer Service. She basically said that since we were not under warranty, all she could do is send Advantage Furniture Repair out here for $69.00 to take pictures and document what is going on and see what happens from there. We reluctantly agreed thinking that if we could solve this issue for $69.00 and be done, it would be money well spent. Again, not the case.

Advantage Furniture Repair came out here on February 10, 2009. The gentleman was very nice and agreed that what was happening to the chair on the seat, arms and foot rest was not something we did that it was indeed a manufacturer problem, but he said it is up to La-Z-Boy to decide what to do.

On about February 17th, we received a phone call from Regina saying that La-Z-Boy will not cover it because it is out of warranty, but she will tell her supervisor that we called before the warranty was expired.

I did not hear back from Regina, so I called on February 25th and Regina said that La-Z-Boy is still declining because it is out of warranty. She said she even spoke to her supervisor Suzanne and she said the same thing. So I asked to speak to Suzanne, but she was out to lunch and Regina said she would have her call me. End of the day no call.

February 26th, I made a phone call at 11:00am and asked to speak to Suzanne. I was told she was on a phone call and they would tell her to call me. I asked if she really would since she never did on the 25th. I was assured she would. As of today, August 13, 2009 I have yet to receive a phone call from Suzanne, or any representative from La-Z-Boy.

I am very frustrated for three main reasons. One, I made my first phone call when the chair was in warranty. Two, I bought a protection plan from Guardsman, that apparently is worthless and three, La-Z-Boy obviously does not care about the customer as they won't return phone calls or even try and help out. It appears that we bought and are stuck with an expensive chair that we probably could not even sell at a garage sale! All I am asking is that La-Z-Boy acknowledge that I called during the warranty period, honor their warranty and fix or replace the chair. La-Z-Boy does not appear to be willing to help us, so I am hoping that someone out there can. Thank you!


d2102f1d, 2009-09-13, 12:27PM CDT

I am a former la-z-boy customer care employee. La-Z-Boy does consider the branding to be natural. The Guardsman extended protection is only for accidental damage that is reported w/ in 5 days & you have to know exactly what it is. Unfortunately you probably did not receive a proper explanation of this upon purchase. You can still push your concerns w/ lzb to higher uppers & from what I've seen in my experience you can pursue legal action. This is the only way you will see results. Please see additional info that I am posting wherever I can... thank you & good luck.

If you are considering purchasing furniture from a LA-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery read the info below

As a perspective customer you may want to consider this info before making your next furniture purchase @ your local La-Z-Boy furniture gallery.

If you live in the North East region think twice or research before purchasing from a La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The North East Distribution Center located in New Castle, DE is sending what is thought by the consumer to be new furniture but, that is not always the case. There are items that have been in the warehouse for 3+ years that are being sent to consumers. There are also items that have been in a consumers home for a lengthy amount of time and returned to the warehouse, repaired or un-repaired and put back into stock inventory for another consumer to purchase. The way a consumer can tell if there furniture is new or used is by referring to their law tag that should be on every piece of furniture leaving the distribution center. On the law tag there is an acknowledgement line item number that is 15 digits long. The first two numbers of the acknowledgement number is the year in which the furniture was produced (ex: 2009 would have 09*******-***-***).

Here is some additional info regarding the La-Z-Boy warranty that your sales person will not inform you of. The warranty is a limited lifetime warranty. Included is a 1 year labor warranty. The metal and wood pieces on the furniture are covered for a lifetime but only if you keep your original purchase receipt and only if the dealer still produces the metal or wood parts. The fabric/leather warranty is for 1 year but only if the dealer does not run out of that line of fabric/leather or if it has not been discontinued by the La-Z-Boy dealer. The warranty is only honored if La-Z-Boy reviews your furniture and agrees that there is a defect in the product. An issue will arise if your furniture is not a new product. If you receive an old item portrayed as a new item and you need to refer to the warranty you may not be honored due to an expired acknowledgment number or unavailable product for repair. Certainly the consumer can protest this but, there is an inconvenience factor involved. When you contact the customer service department for a warranty claim they will send a 3rd party technician to your home for an inspection and will report back to La-Z-Boy. If a part needs to be ordered the turn around time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months or more depending on if the part is already produced or if the part has to be made. You can also be in wait status only to find out the repair cant be done due to lack of part productivity.

It is disturbing that companies are able to operate this way and that respectable individuals spending their hard earned money are at risks of falling victim to these kinds of circumstances.

For an elderly person looking to purchase a La-Z-Boy lift chair dont. The chairs are defective & will only last at the most 6 months before something electrical goes wrong. Once this happens it is most of the time impossible for the company to detect where the issue is coming from & the chairs are sometimes never fixed.

In closing, if you or someone you know has fallen victim to any of the above your quickest and best resolution would be to take legal action. I hope this information will be helpful to many perspective consumers & consumers.

f8e110d3, 2010-11-28, 10:05PM CST

Thanks for the great advice on Lazboy guarantees. If I get a lazboy as a gift from someone (who also gives me a receipt, but purchased it in his name), would lazboy honor the warantee in case something goes wrong.


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