Gold Key Resorts

Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 4:26pm CDT by 36bb2038

Product: Time Share

Company: Gold Key Resorts

Location: 932 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, US

Category: Other

Gold Key refuses to acknowledge my timely cancellation letter for their time share. They showed us a luxury time share, even a Penthouse. After they pressured us for nearly five(5) hours, I signed a contract for a time share which they did not show us, but said looked like the one we saw. Totally the opposite! Sent a Certified cancellation letter after getting back home seven(7) days after signing. Gold Key refuses to accept the cancellation. They are also threathing to garnish my wages and report me to the credit bureau.


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69417d37, 2009-09-03, 08:27PM CDT

We also bought a timeshare from Gold key and feel that we have been given fraudulent information and we want out. Apparently they are dishonest on many levels. Any help we can get to be done with this terrible situation is appreciated.

a86f75f9, 2010-07-30, 07:14PM CDT

Any one who has had problems exchanging with GOLD KEY RESORTS, VA.and INTERVAL,please know a lawsuit has been filed in federal court against them and their CEO Craig M. Nash. Mr.Mendoza has filed suit in federal court in Allentown PA.

RCI has recently settled with millions of deceived customers in another lawsuit filed in Newark,NJ.

a86f75f9, 2010-07-31, 08:08AM CDT

any one who has been "had" by GOLD KEY and their CEO Craig m. Nash know that Mr.Mendoza has filed suit in federal court in Allentown PA for deceiving practices and using INTERVAL to sell timeshares.Stay tune.

RCI has recently settled with millions of deceived customers in another lawsuit filed in Newark,NJ.

5946ff35, 2011-01-29, 04:06PM CST

Gold Key is a very dishonest company. After seeing their business practices first-hand, it didnt take long to figure out the razzle-dazzle of the presentation is the best part of anything they offer. They work to recruit new members and then treat them terribly afterwards!! There is a fraud suit against them that has been filed in federal court, but more people need to report them to the Better Business Bureau in their area and to the Attorney General.

0eb3bcb0, 2011-03-14, 12:57PM CDT

I would love to join a lawsuit, this has been the biggest ripoff and we can't even use it.

e4bfc781, 2012-11-08, 05:56PM CST

We would like to join a lawsuit against Goldkey Resorts and Interval International as well.

Matthew G., 2012-12-20, 11:12AM CST

I am also interested in joining this lawsuit against Goldkey resorts. After reading many of the complaints, I was also victimized in the same fashion.

Matthew G., 2012-12-26, 10:12AM CST

According to my sources, the Finn Law Group based out of FLA. has had a lot of success dealing with operations such as Gold Key Resorts! I will be making the phone call to file a complaint.

kate c., 2013-04-25, 09:53AM CDT

Gold Key, of Virginia Beach VA- will not work with me and seems happy to send my timeshare account to 'collections agency'. Our *contract is not even legal, (I am not legally divorced yet) yet they STILL WILL NOT CONNECT ME TO SOMEBODY ON THE PHONE!!!This is a scam.

The people I have spoken to are like human recordings that can't and WON"T do anything. These people-(Justin C. for example) are not thinking people, They are not problem solvers, their job is not to HELP, but to dead-end their customers.

They are rude and have no answers and will not connect you to anybody who HAS ANY AUTORITY TO DO ANYTHING BUT REPETE THEIR MOTTO.. " as stated in the contract.."

I would like to join or start a class action lawsuit.this is the worst company. deceptive and creepy, and extremely dishonest.

Their customer service is so bad, it is baffling. and the man with his name on my contract is nowhere to be found.

This is an american disgrace. They should be fined and prosecuted. look at all the complaints. A lawfirm should take up this cause, and they would be paid generously, while bringing a selfish lying company to its deserved punishment. Awful AWful.

And yes, I was a stupid naive idiot for believing their fabulous smokescreen of lies. But how do they live with themselves for not connecting me with someone who can help and work with me. Instead of saying I now have a $11,000 debt going to collections for something I never even had!! WHAT A SCAM!!!!

*** 'Does anybody recommend a good VA lawyer that would be interested in this lawsit, or is there already one going on that I can join.???

Sincerely Kate C.

Marika D., 2013-07-25, 11:25PM CDT

I also was tricked by the unlawful business practice at Gold Key Resorts. They said and promised us one thing but in the end changed things and rushed us to sign. Please do let us know if you have any advise or know of any lawsuits.

f066b4d8, 2013-08-28, 03:26PM CDT

I was very interested in getting a timeshare with Goldkey resorts. I loved the ideas of paying for our hotel accommodations for a few years and then just worry about the gas and the food while we are there. Which is only like pennies compared to what your rooms are. I was totally excited for our appointment, because we get a 100$ gift card for dinner for free. The gentlemen who took us around was very kind. I enjoyed learning about the unknown laws of the town and the beautiful accommodations. I voiced my concern that the room was small to sleep in that we would want a two bedroom and he said we wouldn't be able to get a two bedroom but our first purchase is always a one bedroom and then we traded it in for a two. So this wasn't much of a problem. But I knew we needed a. 2 bedroom. Well we have two small children. 5 & 2 they both behaved wonderfully but by the time it was 90 minutes they was ready to go, they wanted on the beach. They wanted to play. My children stay with me. They do not stay with child care. Ever! They wanted to be with us, and they should be. So we went to the rooms they were nice but like I said we needed more to spend 19,000$ well after our 90 minutes he says are we ready to do paperwork and I said this is wonderful, but we can't commit without reading the information. So he says this is a one shot deal. No second chances it is now or never. I said ok, someone else will like our money. I will be treated much better somewhere else. And so he needs his boss to sign the papers and see what we need. She is the nasties woman I have ever met. I wanted to purchase a timeshare and still do, but I will never buy from GoldKey resorts. The moment we said we would like to look over the info at home and then commit. No, most people never come back she said. I said we would like to look at it and come back. No your not allowd. Well I just think the policies are ridiculous. I can't believe someone spends 20,000$ and more without knowing what is going on word per word. We work hard and don't want to be disrespected we didn't disrespect them, we were kind and wanted to go home and read the info. This woman needs to know you get more bees with honey, not with her manners she had last Sarurday 8-24-2013 at 10am

Janet D., 2014-04-08, 08:54AM CDT

HELP!! Does anyone know how Mr Mendoza's lawsuit worked out? I'm trying to gather information as we are having the exact same problems mentioned above with Gold Key and Interval. I really would like to know what my legal options are for dealing wit them.

Marilynn P., 2014-05-28, 05:56PM CDT

My husband and I also bought a timeshare with Gold Key and feel that the information given to us was very misleading. We thought this was a great deal and were excited to start using our getaways. We were also told we could lockout our 2 bedroom and stay less than 6 days to receive 4 vacations out of our 1 week. We have been able to use only 1 Getaway and no exchanges. When we used our week they tried to talk us into upgrading. When I told them how I felt the timeshare was misrepresented, she told us the sales agents are not usually long term employees and often get the facts confused. She said there was nothing we could do. We were also told this was a good investment. Yet when we contacted a reputable timeshare sales agent (one that does not take money in advance), I was told we were lucky if we could get half our investment back. Some investment. When I sent my complaint to Gold Key, a representative called me back. I asked if they bought the timeshare back and was told no. He told me to sell it to a friend or family member! Why in the world would I want to do that? If there are any suggestions or if help is available, please let me know...Thanks

a41fc36d, 2015-04-03, 09:35AM CDT

I purchased a timeshare from Gold Key in 2013 after hours of sales pitch we gave in and purchased the property. I have another timeshare that I love and have had no issues with what so ever. I get the bill for the maintance and it went up. I cannot afford an increasing bill each year. I contacted them to see if they knew of someway to sell my property and I got the same response, transfer it to someone else. They were unwilling to help. Also, my balance never seems to go down and that is because their mortgage has a variable rate interest rate. I would have never accepted that type of interest rate, had I know at the time. Not only do they not help you to get rid of the property, are quick to send you to collections, but they also make sure you are in debt to them forever because their interest rate is so high you never touch the balance. I would gladly join a class action lawsuit against them.

steven t., 2015-06-29, 11:11AM CDT

hello , actually exist many problems with the Timeshares around the world , i had experienced something very similar , i dont have any idea about how its gonna work , by the way those people are experts on the field , so dont let convince you , check out this blog , for me was very useful, good luck

kamal s., 2015-10-14, 11:01AM CDT

I would like to join against Gold key resorts, they made lots of false promises and I am paying for it.Their sales person/manager and business managers is very dishonest.

55bd9694, 2016-01-18, 01:28PM CST

MY husband and I bought a timeshare from Gold Key Resort in Va. Beach, Va and boy did we get screwed. The man that sold us the timeshare lied about everything. First they tell me that we can exchange for no extra charge at another resort anywhere in the world and comes to find out that we have to pay for it and give our week up. Then we where promised unlimted getaways for us and guest and that was a LIE as well. I have called Gold Key many times and never get to talk with anyone so I called day after day then finally got in touch with someone I told them how dissatisfied I was with there service and wanted to get out of the timeshare and ask them could they just take it back and sell get rid of it and they told me that I got to sell it myself that they didn't take timeshares back.. When I bought it then man told me that someone was selling there timeshare and it was selling for what they owed on it .. So that contradicts what Gold Key told me.. Then I was also told when we bought this timeshare that we would never have to stay in another hotel that we would always be able to stay in a resort.. Well that was a lie to ..cause my husband and I tried to stay in a resort at Va. Beach and they said we couldn't stay. So we had to stay in a hotel which was a really beautiful hotel. Thet have lied about everything and I don't understand how they can get away with this. I believe that they have lied to a lot of people including myself. I just want OUT!!! Idont ever recommend anyone buying from Gold Key ..And as far as Interval they are just as bad as Gold Key..Both are a complete RIP OFF. I HOPE THAT EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN SCREWED BY GOLD KEY GETS OUT AND IF YOU DO PLEASE LET ME NO HOW YOU DID SO I CAN GET OUT TOO. GOLD KEY SHOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE WAY THEY DECIEVED PEOPLE

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