Early Moments - Early Moments book club, HORRIBLE!

Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 4:23pm CDT by cfd06769

Product: Early Moments book club

Company: Early Moments

Location: Sandvik Publishing Danbury, CT 06811
Danbury, CT, 06811, US

URL: http://www.earlymoments.com/

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I recently had a baby boy. After I had him, I started receiving all kinds of offers for different baby items, clubs, etc. One was an offer from Early Moments book club to receive a free gift (pay only shipping of $4.99+tax). I paid the $4.99+tax and a couple weeks later received the gift in the mail. I knew that most of these things have a catch and you have to cancel or they'll continue to bill you. I received my gift on a Friday and the following Wednesday Early Moments helped themselves to another $20.11 from my checking account for the next set of books. I didn't even have 3 full business days to call and cancel. Now, to top it all off... When they took this $20.11, it overdrew my checking account!!! Now I have over $50 in overdraft fees because of this. I've called and spoken with 3 different people and finally spoke with a supervisor who told me that the money would be refunded in 3-5 days if I sent them a copy of my bank statement. Well, now it's been 2 weeks and I still have yet to see my money or hear from anyone. I finally received the "$70" books and just "returned them to sender". My next step will be the BBB and Attorney General. $50 isn't much to some people but it is a lot to me and especially when it was totally wrong what they did! They sell junk and I will tell everyone I know not to fall for their scam!!!


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23523189, 2009-09-08, 11:13AM CDT

Same thing happened to me. It didn't overdraw my account but they charged $18 shortly after the original transaction and then 6 days later they charged another $18. I called in and spoke with a rep about it and was told that the first $18 charge was for my monthly subscription and the second $18 was for my yearly subscription. What?!? Tricky little devils. Anyway, they did agree to refund my money if I paid to return the books to them. The crap they send can't be worth more than $5. Such a rip off.

2b4c0bf3, 2010-02-05, 02:14AM CST

SCAM SCAM SCAM!! not only did they empty my checking and made it go negative but the worse part ! i never even ordered anybooks???? i dont get how they got my info!!??

403c7089, 2010-03-01, 09:11PM CST

We had a similar circumstance with early moments book club. We received a couple of books from them after we had accepted a free book offer. We paid for a few single books at a time. Then one day they sent over 60 hard bound books and billed us for nearly $300.00. We called and shipped the books back (paying $13.50) according to the address they supplied us over the phone, but bills kept coming, and they denied that they ever received the books. We too will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

fd9d6ac9, 2010-08-31, 08:28AM CDT

u know what thats whats happening 2 me..i ordered some books 4 my son 2 weeks later they helped themselves 2 18 dollars and change...no word warning..i didnt know i joined the club..

42cb089f, 2010-09-27, 07:39PM CDT

same thing has happend to me , only i never ordered any books, they just started showing up at my door, and the kicker is , i dont have any children, so why would they presume i want their books, i stopped sending money and are gonna do a return of the books, and i just hope they send me another bill, if so i 'm going straight to the BBB, and let them handle this situation. beware everyone, ive tried to find them through BBB and the address just doesnt exist

0a614145, 2011-01-06, 10:31PM CST

This company advertises books for about $10.00 each and $2.00 shipping. They also advertise they will send two books per month. They have repeatedly sent 4 to 6 of their tiny books and billed us so often each bill has a prior balance on it. We have called and written to cancel this subscription but the books keep coming. In my opinion, these people are crooks and the books are not worth $12.00 a piece.

ca594852, 2011-07-29, 12:30AM CDT

I got an email from parent magazine. About this great deal for $5 for six books and free shipping. Then they charged me $20 w out my permission and w overdraft fees put me in the negative $85. My bank called them, after an hour of argueing w their rude customer service they agreed to refund me the $20 on the condition i pay the $11 shipping to send the books back, and they never refunded me the original $5. Huge scam! I feel duped by them, and parent magazine. And the worste part is, im still getting those stupid books.

a1d4a7c0, 2012-01-27, 06:03PM CST

We are currently in the same spot. Customer Service is not available. I will definately do what you have done. Return the books and file a complaint with the BBB in Hawaii. Thank you

Gail M., 2013-02-01, 07:37PM CST

I wish to cancel any future shipments of Early Moments books and discontinue membership. My account number is 186143533-217.

Heather R., 2013-09-25, 01:46PM CDT

I signed up to receive the monthly set of books. The problem came when I called to cancel. I told the woman on the phone that I wanted to cancel my account and that my debit/credit card should not be charged for anything else under any circumstances. A month later, I received a new set of books referred to as the "Dr. Seuss & His Friends Free Preview Program." On top of that I received a bill for $20.96 with a due date for the following week. When I called the customer service number to complain, I had to wait on hold for over 15 minutes. The lady who answered was over-the-top sugary sweet which was REALLY ANNOYING when I was already upset over having to waste my time with these people. She tried to blame it on me stating that I had signed up for the Free Preview Program and something about it having already been explained to me. Really??? It was my fault that I had to waste my time when I had already canceled my account and was assured that it was, in fact, canceled. Basically, I was either forced to sit on hold for nearly 20 minutes, deal with this lady's bulls***, wait for a return label in the mail, and spend another afternoon waiting in line at the post office to return the books OR I cold forgo the post office, pay the $20.96, and continue to receive more books and more bills. Now that I've researched reviews of the Early Moments program, I see that it's received MANY negative reviews. Wish I had looked at the reviews BEFORE signing up. UGH! Don't waste your time with this company!

d7b284f4, 2014-01-24, 06:18PM CST

I signed up for a deal of $5 for 4 books with early moments. Instead they charged me $20. I've tried to cancel several times and they said they would comply. However, they always shipped books to me again. Please, don't make the same mistake I did!

a0864e35, 2014-06-26, 10:26AM CDT

I ordered some books. The 1st set never arrived. The 2nd set the books were missing and I received an empty box the post office's fault. I was given a refund and never notified about it and I wanted the books. The next set of books was sent before I got an account #. The website said to cancel after I received the account # included with the books that I never received.Now I have to send those back.

7a0dd681, 2014-08-13, 12:08PM CDT


I received an order I never placed. They charged my CC for $21.19. I emailed [email protected] asking for a refund. They replied not confirming the refund but instead to "talk" personally (what crap!!). I called any they I should keep an eye on my online account that has stored CC information. I inquired just because you have my card information, you can not keep charging it without my authorization or even sending a notification email. The rep turned back very rude and asked me send the package back. They asked me to pay the shipping for return and also not to the refund the $4.99 shipping amount from the package I received.

Extremely rude staff to deal with. Beware!

Lina Lina, 2014-08-15, 11:24PM CDT

Hi my name is Lina, and I just wanted to share a good experience with the book club. I've been a member for a few months now, and I have nothing but good things to say. Customer service is very friendly. And this isn't any type of scam. If you wanna cancel you call them and cancel,. Anyways I enjoy this book club a lot.

lyanna emery, 2014-09-02, 08:56PM CDT

I agree! I have 5 kids and I have been ordering books with them and have been a club member since 2010. I love it. They don't sell crap. They're great books for a great price. You would pay about $10-15 dollars anywhere else for 1 book that they have. People don't understand that sometimes mistakes happen and I'm sure there are hundreds of good reviews out of ever few people that like to complain. There has never been 1 company that has never made a mistake.

d17fd0e6, 2014-09-12, 06:58AM CDT

I have only had a positive experience and the books are wonderful.Customer Service is helpful and I will continue my membership. The books are good quality and my granddaughter loves them which is the most important.

Maksim K., 2014-11-27, 08:47AM CST

THEY CHARGED ME 6 TIMES 18.96$ each time, I had to pay 40 dollars of overdraft fees to my bank and it all started when I got 4 books for 4.99$ that is it. BIGGEST SCAM ON THE INTERNET

d22727e8, 2015-03-01, 11:05AM CST

I just looked at my credit and Early Moments has put dings on my credit over $27 but I never signed up with them and I certainly didn't send them any money. I am so irritated bc I have no idea what to do to get this off my credit.

3cc13ba4, 2015-03-25, 10:20AM CDT

This company really is a scam because they sign you up for 2 clubs and when you order you don't know that. Grandparents think they are doing a good deed and this company does not keep track of addresses, names or anything. We now have multiple set the the same books. There are hundreds of titles however we have 3 sets of 10 identical books and no way to get different books because the next shipments are also repeats... I called and get the "they are prepackaged" line. So if you already have the first 4 shipments worth of books - o well you just pay for duplicates.

e6f3eba7, 2015-03-30, 11:33AM CDT

I have signed up thought its one time shipment turned out they charge me secretly for the 2nd shipment without notification. To deal with this kind of scam the best is to cut a credit card or close a banka ccount immediately. I personally think the books are in good condition but the way this company does business is dishonest. They took advantage of a lot of grey area where the customers have to suffer.

95361d81, 2015-07-27, 01:04PM CDT

Same experience over here. I signed only for one time shipment and then received more and every time it is $20. I called them today, they say that they have canceled my order (which I never made) and will send me a prepaid letter so that I can send them their books back at no cost and get reimbursed.... to be continued... Just call them 1-800-233-0839 (week days between 9am-6pm East T.) with your shipment ID and they handle it.

e80a0eec, 2015-07-31, 03:15PM CDT

We were also tricked by the $5.95 book package (which advertised no hidden fees and no commitment) and within a few weeks I noticed at $23 debit charge to my checking account. I had used this card to pay for the $5.95 book package. A week later I get a delivery of 3 new books. I called 1-800-353-3140 immediately and after sitting on hold for about 10 minutes, I spoke to Holly and told her that we wished to cancel our membership. She had me verify our account number and mailing address and then told me the membership was cancelled and that I would see no future charges or mailings. We shall see.......

48724d91, 2015-09-08, 08:15PM CDT

It really is a scam. I signed up for ONE book club, but I'm somehow enrolled in FIVE 'memberships'.

I wanted some Dr. Seuss books and although we did get a few, but now all they send is stuff from other authors. The man wrote more than 60 books, but we've not seen even a third of that number. Now they keep trying to send me Jumbo books, regular books, calendars. Holiday packs and a hardcover magazine called Know Wonder. You can't cancel any of it on the website. You can suspend some of them and tell them you don't want one package at a time, but there's no heads up when they've decided what to send so you can make that decision.

That is deceptive business practice, and I can't wait until I have to fight them to cancel.

d82857e9, 2015-09-23, 11:10AM CDT

I recently cancelled because I signed up for 1 book club and somehow was in THREE! Taking $20 a month for each one.I NEVER signed up for the other 2. Complete BS!

Lea S., 2015-10-19, 12:12PM CDT

I'm dealing with this now. I got an offer for a set of books for $5.95, which I redeemed. At no point during the transaction did they inform me that I would be enrolled in any sort of subscription or that my credit card would continue to be billed. I've requested a cancellation and a refund, but we'll see what happens. I tried searching for them on BBB, but I couldn't find them. Does anyone have a link to where I can register a formal complaint against them?

0dfdccd3, 2016-01-07, 06:13PM CST

I try to make a order 5 books last jully 2015.they said it takes only 5-7 working days.but I never receive anything from them until I contact the customer service they said it's been shipped already last jully 28 2015 then they told me to wait another couple of weeks again.until November I don't receive any.my husband asking me that they took the money already from the bank at jully after.so my husband called them.because they are not upfront in selling books(5books = 15 dollar but they took out 30 dollars in my bank).I always receive bills so my husband cancelled the books I order because I didn't receive any of them.this year I'm very surprised that I received bills from them again asking to pay the 3 books which I don't order anymore.

2ffe9f34, 2016-01-10, 06:36PM CST

I signed up for ONE book club and now I'm enrolled in 4!!!!! I never asked for that! Then they so graciously send me the books and bills I never asked to begin with! Before I know it I get emails saying I owe almost $60 for these items.....I don't work to pay for unasked for items. What a shame

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