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Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 at 6:07pm CDT by adec695b

Product: Flash Memory


Location: 500 N. Central Expressway Suite 500
PLANO, TX, 75074, US


Category: Online Shopping

I ordered a 64GB Flash Drive (total of $193.15) from on Sunday 8/9/2009 around 11 P.M. and later l found that is selling it for a cheaper price + free shipping. Difference is around $30. Right after half an hour on the same night I emailed to cancel the order and on Monday (Next Day) I called them 8 A.M. to make sure they will cancel the order.

They told me that they have put a note on the account but they can not guarantee that it will be canceled?!! So I called twice to make sure it is cancelled and they said that they will do it (even second CS rep said that she will try it herself and told me that she did it).

Meanwhile I did not get any emails for tracking number or anything else (even their website doesnt show anything yet) and today (Tuesday-8/11/2009) I received the package while I was not expecting it. Yet I am waiting for any notification through email and also I paid for the 2nd day shipment where they mailed it FedEx Ground (where that was an option as well for cheaper).

Now I feel ripped so I called them and unfortunately has no polite Customer Service rep anymore. They dont accept return, they dont accept that, this is partially their fault and they act like I owe them something. VERY RUDE!

I have been loyal to and at least I have always referred to them a one of my top shopping places but I dont recommend them to anyone ANYMORE. We live in the US and we love to return and get the best price out there especially in this economy that we all have lost jobs. Either give my money back or honor the price from your competitor website.



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