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Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009 at 7:14pm CDT by 96559ad8

Product: Luxsauna

Company: Luxsauna

Location: CONTACT LUXSAUNA TODAY Corporate Headquarters 4120 Brighton Blvd Bldg B-12 Denver, CO 80216
Denver, CO, 80216, US


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To David Shurtleff:

I am so frustrated with this sauna. This is my second sauna from you and I have had no luck. Where is this thing manufactured. China? I have been in a HEALTH MATE sauna and it works just fine. i am tired of excuses on why this

does not work. I want my money back you can have this thing back. My next

step will be a lawyer. I have had this new sauna 2 weeks and it does not get hot or produce sweat. I

have to go pay to sit in a real sauna. You have ripprd me off. I have seen

other ads about this company and its tricks- wish I had seen it earlier. But

my husband and I will hire a lawyer if needed but hope we can resolve this

peacefully.I have had enough and believe I have been ripped off.


96559ad8, 2009-08-20, 11:14PM CDT

I too had nothing but issues with LuxSauna and their entire staff who for some odd reason never answer the phone. It took me forever to get my sauna and I had to ship it back at my expense...I would advise consumers to Google LuxSauna Bankruptcy and LuxSauna RipOff Report before making any decisions about purchasing a LuxSauna infrared sauna.

ab44039f, 2010-02-01, 09:19PM CST

they are made in china and this Dave Floyd Shurtless is scam artist. company has been in bankruptcy twice since 2006 and several saunas have caught on fire. 90 day trial and lifetime warranty are a joke.

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