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Posted on Saturday, August 1st, 2009 at 8:48am CDT by 4ddea7b0

Product: modeling

Company: empire beauty school

Location: boston, ma, US

URL: http://empire.edu/

Category: Other

I went for a modeling, so they ask for something you would like to do. Every one knows that it is a school and they practice with dolls and then with people. well i request highlights and even show a picture. the thing is that the women that supose to do said i know how to do it. But then she start asking others and others and i just triying to be calm i let her do it and at the end my hair was a big mess, i ask them to tint my hair with only one color because of the results, they said that they ca not give more stuff free, and I said a have been nice, i'm not getting or being rude with you after the results, so i expect the same from you. the only thing they did was put tint just to color the yellows and oranges, and thats it. they said if a want something else a have to comeback later and pay for it. i expect the wrong way, as a profetional school they should be responsables with their students mistakes and not just because you were a model make a big mess in your hair and send you home.

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78dd7b4d, 2009-09-26, 07:11AM CDT

Please learn to write in complete sentences. I encourage you to use spell check if you do not know how to spell words properly.

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