circuit city shreveport la. - warranty misrepesentation

Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 8:37am CDT by e8317bac

Product: sony

Company: circuit city shreveport la.

Location: circuit city 7091 youree dr shreveport la 71105-5108
shreveport, la, 71105-5108, US


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i purchased a sony 52" t.v.from circuit city in shreveport la may 17,"08. the t.v. was purchased from display. after several week we discovered a small tear on the second screen inside the front screen known as the skin. i contacted circuit city and asked to talk with the manager and as of today i have been unable to do so.he seems to have business meetings all day or talking to the coperative ofice. at any rate we were told that on our original purchase we had 90 days warranty from circuit city and one year from sony. after calling(after 65 to 70 days) them about the problem i was told that i only had 60 days to return the t.v. and they would do nothing about our problem and that i should contact sony repair with yet another feeble attempt to talk to the mananger. he was in a coperate meeting. i have contacted an authorized repair man and arrangements have been made for the necessary repairs but i have to take the unit some 70 miles one way for the repairs at my expense and time. circuit city told me 90 days and when i called them a sales person told me that the salesperson that told me about the 90 days was misinformed and that they apologize for that but that was all they could do and that i was on my own. by the way the salesperson that told me about the 90 days was""""the mananger""""he had to come and finish ringing my sales up for after 30 minutes of the salesman trying he could not do it. the whole experience was app. 2 hrs.i am completely dissatisfied with circuit city for all the false information given me and dissapointed in sony for letting such things happen through one of their outlets. from now on my family and friends will shop elsewhere and use other name brand products.

a very dissatisfied customer

johnny fleming

po bx 423

shelbyville tx 75973

[email protected]


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