Made by Bremner/Ralcorp - Walmart Great Value Cheese Crackers!

Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 5:33pm CDT by c64cb5e4

Product: UPC CODE 78742 22945

Company: Made by Bremner/Ralcorp

Location: P.O. Box 618
St. Louis, MO, 63188-0618, US


Category: Other

We purchased a box of these Cheese Crackers ( come in a purple box )for our 16 mth old daughter. As she began eating them we noticed her start to gag and choke and figured she had put too many in her mouth at one time. Turns out as we retrieved the crackers there were 4 of them strung together by a yellow thread! Yes...we could hold them up and just dangle them! No where on the box was there a phone number ( some boxes will say if Not Satisfied Please Contact us at XXX-XXXX) so we called Walmart Headquarters...they said they would have to investigate and find out who was the direct manufacturer for this product...and that it would take several days. We also called our local Walmart and they did agree to take them off the shelves until an investigation was done...and than did call me back to tell me that the company who makes these is called Bremner and that they would be in touch with me. No calls from them at all...googled and got their number and they were hesitant to give me any information...did not want to tell me their name...nor did they want to tell me if they indeed made the product...but finally told me yes. Still have not heard from them at all. Am told there really is no case for a lawsuit since my daughter was not injured! What does it take...a death to occur before someone does something about this! So far I have read up on tons of complaints on this company! Please... someone tell me what I can do! We were just lucky our daughter was okay...another baby or toddler may not be so lucky.


8bbbd417, 2009-08-04, 08:29AM CDT

Uh, don't you think maybe YOU'RE the one responsible for making sure that the food that your child eats is not a choking hazard? Just sayin'...

f636a9c5, 2010-01-07, 07:01AM CST

Don't take their word for about there not being a case. I would expect them to say that. If you're serious, you'll need to talk to a lawyer. But I must agree that my experience with Great Value products has been very unpleasant - lumpy sugar, mushy vegetables. I stay away from them now. Ignore this other poster's comment about how it was your fault - yeah, like we parents carefully inspect each piece of food we open. We expect (and rightly so) that the FDA has ensured that the manufacturer is producing safe food!

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