GMAC Mortgage - GMAC Cheats Customers!!

Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 10:01pm CDT by fb67d5b8

Product: mortgage

Company: GMAC Mortgage

Location: POB 4622
Waterloo, IA, 50704-4622, US


Category: Other

GMAC acquired my loan from my previous mortgage company on 12/03/2007. At the time when my loan was transferred, my account was current. Payments had been made through November 2007. I was to resume payments with GMAC starting with December 2007. Immediately, after obtaining my loan, GMAC continued to send me statements demanding payments for October, November & December 2007. I submitted my payment history from my previous mortgage company directly to their office and their corporate attorney. During the month of June 2008, their attorney put notes on my account advising that I had already paid my mortgage for November through December 2007 along with a request to update my payment history. As of September 9, 2008, my account still has NOT been updated. Even though the representatives can view the account notes, they still refuse to update my payment history. Now I am receiving collection calls and being threatened with foreclosure for an error they refuse to correct. During my attempt to resolve this discrepancy over the phone, I have been hung up by several GMAC representatives and just treated like crap. They have no respect for their customers at all. Potential customers should be very, very, very careful before deciding to get a loan with GMAC Mortgage company. If your loan gets sold to this company like mines did, I would suggest that you refinance with another mortgage company immediately. GMAC is the absolute worst!!!


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