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Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 11:48pm CDT by 69a79255

Company: FedEx

Location: US

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

I ordered vital computer parts for my company's production database server. I paid for expedited shipping. Unfortunately, the vendor shipped them out via FedEx. It was supposed to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. According to FedEx tracking, it arrived at a local hub (a few miles from my house) at 4:00 AM and was put on a truck for delivery by 5:15 AM. I waited all day for the package to arrive. As I mentioned, the package was very important so I didn't want to be away and miss the delivery. 4:30 PM rolled around - no package. I called FedEx and left my number to make sure that the driver could contact me. 8:00 PM rolled around - still no package and no update to the status on their tracking site. I called again. The FedEx operator informed me that the local hub employees had left for the day and that he'd leave a message for them to deliver it to me as early as possible the next day. Infuriated, I called back to let them know that that wasn't good enough. This time, it turns out, the local hub manager was still there. They transferred me to him. He told me that they could not locate the package but that they'd keep trying. I'm going to give them another call in the morning.

I promise to never use FedEx again and to encourage as many other to do the same.


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6ec9f2b5, 2008-11-26, 07:23PM CST

Yes, yes! I missed work today to stay home and wait for my package, due to be delivered today. Status said it was "on the truck" at 4 a.m.

Waited around all day, door open, waiting for the delivery.

Went out to get my mail around 2 p.m., and there was a "missed delivery" sticker on my mailbox.

Called them immediately, told them I had been here all day, and insisted on a re-delivery TODAY.

Waited around until now (5:30 pm), still no delivery. Called again. They said they would bring it Friday. No apology, in fact, rather rude.

Two cars in the driveway, lights on, door open. Yeah, there's nobody home here. IDIOTS.

Totally unacceptable. I will not order products from anyone who ships via Fed Ex ever again, nor will I ship via Fed Ex myself.

d3df431c, 2008-12-12, 09:38PM CST

I ordered a scanner out of Texas,5 TO 7 days shipping became 12 days shipping , it layed at their snorting ceter in Dallas 2 Days then Atlanta 2 Days , Yes they truly suck

30eb66cf, 2009-01-06, 11:22AM CST

I have an important packaged being delivered and paid $14.95 for 24 hour delivery. Took a vacation day today to receive the package. I'll let everybody guess whether or not it arrived.

I will never use FedEx again and will request that all of my companies and partners cease from using their service. Total waste of time.

b6ee5ee9, 2009-01-06, 11:27AM CST

I have an important package being delivered, so I paid $14.95 for 24 hour delivery. Took a vacation day so I could be here to receive it. I'll let everyone guess whether that package was received. Absolutely not. I will never use FedEx again and will urge many of my companies and partners to do the same. A total waste of my time.

006125a1, 2009-02-16, 12:38PM CST

I had an engagement ring that was supposed to arrive the day before Valentine's Day. The jewelry place shipped it overnight. However, FedEx kept it at their Memphis facility because "the plane had problems". They have the largest friggin airline in the world yet, they can't get a plane to ship things on time. Unbelievable! Then, of course, they arrive the next week with the ring when I'm not home. Despite having a note that requested that they leave it with my neighbor, they took it upon themselves to ignore my request. So, I spent half a day chasing down something that should have been at my place days ago!

I will NEVER use FedEx again and encourage others to do the same. UPS isn't perfect but I've never had near the number of problems with them that I have with FedEx (this wasn't the first incident).

8d362c69, 2009-06-14, 10:05PM CDT

My husband ordered a printer. They attempted to deliver it a day before it was supposed to, so of course, we weren't here waiting. They leave a notice saying that they left it at the office, except that the office is closed on the weekend. We get it online, it says it was left at a neighbors, but does not give an address. We call, it's actually at a warehouse. We ask why we won't be getting it monday - oh we only work Tues - Sat. WHAT? Bull crap. So we ask if we can pick it up, which we have done many times before. "No, since we don't deliver on Monday, you can't." WHAT THE HE** CRAP IS THAT. I can assure you this pathetic company has lost two customers.

b613101c, 2009-06-24, 11:01PM CDT

fed ex sucks,must have sixth grade dropouts for out $214.44 for

lost packages,the more i call the ruder they get,heard a rumor that there really

a subsidiary of usps,if so that makes

perfect sense.if the post office was a real business.they too would be crying for a bailout for uncle sam. fed ex sucks,fed ex sucks,fedex sucks,fedex sucks.not for me anymore,in fact i ordered something today from sears,and

make sure its coming ups,if a business only ships fed ex,i wont shop there.

4ba57b42, 2009-06-27, 12:08AM CDT

I HATE FEDEX. They have the stupidest drivers anywhere. I don't know how they find them. The last driver destroyed our gate and the 1-800 complaint line did nothing but cover for him. We have a long driveway on top of a hill. I watched as he got out and shoved the double gate open as hard as he could. He drove his truck halfway through and decided he needed more room. He bent the hinges and destroyed the gate. The idiot still had to walk the heavy package up. I watched him but I have a heart condition so I wasn't going to run down there. I quit watching never dreaming how much damage he had done. I always request UPS, I love them. I am having a sign made forbidding FEDEX to come on our property (If they can read). I watch a Fedex truck go to a house across the street several days a week and taking longer than it takes to deliver a package.Guess I'll be forwarding that information!!!!

c6541667, 2009-06-29, 01:06PM CDT

I have a $6,000 computer floating around somewhere on a Fed Ex truck. I called them to ask that the computer be held at their facility so I could come get it, which I've done with UPS, as I won't be home to sign for it. They said sure, and then sent it right out on the truck for delivery anyway. I called again and was told oops sorry, we'll hold it tonight and you can come get it tonight or tomorrow but to call back to make sure it's held. I call back a third time and this time the rep tells me they only hold packages for Express customers, and since I only paid for Ground shipping I'm not entitled to having a package held or even having it located. He said I could request to have it held the next day but they can't promise anything because again, I only paid for Ground shipping. I told him I paid for SHIPPING, period, and that if I had been giving the choice I would have chosen UPS because I've never had these problems with UPS, but Apple computer uses Fed Ex unfortunately. He said, "we don't hold packages, we ship them, we're a shipping company, that's what we do, ship." Since then I've called back 3 times trying to get a straight answer and have been given 3 different answers by 3 different reps so here I sit hoping the computer shows up while taking a day off work that I really can't afford to take. I already don't use Fed Ex as a rule- unfortunately, I wasn't given an option when the store I bought my computer from shipped it out.

c6cde1dd, 2009-07-12, 05:36AM CDT

I was sent a package from the UK to Egypt. I used my company address to receive it. OK customs held it pending local documentation however, it would appear that the people employed by FedEx are incapable of using a telephone to call a person and advise as to what I as a customer needed to do. The delivery date was passed by 4 days and counting. I could have sent it normal Air mail saved myself a bundle and got it on time.

52aa2dd8, 2009-07-25, 03:44PM CDT

I totally agree. Fedex sucks big time. They took a scuba tank that had been delivered by UPS from Divers Supply, thinking it was one to be returned to in California. They had not informed me that they were coming for the called tank, and I was not at home when they took the wrong one. When I discovered the error Fedex ground refused to stop shipment of the tank to California. They took my property without permission and refused to return it in a timely manner. My tank was sent to California and only then returned to New York. I lost use of the tank for more than two weeks. The tank had some paint damage and the package was pretty beat up. No one apologized to me for this outrage. I will never deal with any company who uses Fedex again. I encourage anyone who reads this to avoid using Fedex, as they suck.

cc4476fa, 2009-07-30, 10:30AM CDT

I scheduled a pick up for yesterday afternoon. Their driver went to the wrong house and picked up a package that he delivered earlier, totally missing my priority pick up. When I noticed that the package was still there, I called and they told me my package was picked up--even though I was holding it, and also told me that they would have to verify with dispatch that they didn't in fact have my package. Next day they verify their mistake and offer me nothing to remedy the situation. And also convenient for them they discontinued their customer remediation process back in April because they had too many complaints.

Bottom line do not use FedEx, should change their ad slogan to "we'll screw it up and then we'll screw you."

721821e3, 2009-07-30, 10:37AM CDT

Fed Ex DEFINITELY sucks. I paid expedited shipping to send my brother a package that he needed in France. He was only going to be in a certain location for a few days. They happily took the extra money and then the plane had "issues" so it couldn't get out. They were completely unhelpful on the phone and said that it should be there sometime the next day MAYBE. I will never use Fed Ex again.

c626e98c, 2009-07-31, 08:37AM CDT

I totally agree, i had a package arriving from US to Egypt, it arrived in Egypt after 3 days which is good but i had to wait 2 extra days before seeing status changing to Clearence delay. I was just waiting after until i decided to search for Fedex number in Egypt which is wrong on Fedex website, it seems that they don't update their page and i received a notice by mail that my package was held at the customs, i checked number to call them to understand why they are sending me such notice, is there something required from me???!!! the phone number on the notice is also wrong!!!! Well, I finally managed to get a number for Fedex Egypt after 3 days of waiting, when i called, i was told that it is held on customs so i asked if anything is required from me, the answer was "no", i told the guy so why i received a notice??!! he asked me to hold then came back advising that i should make a delegation for Fedex to clear the package (why no one told me that before??!!!!) so i did and fax it to them, the next day i received a second warning notice from Fedex that my package will return to sender or destroyed!!!, i contacted Fedex number again and explained the whole story again and that i provided a delegation yesterday (it seems that they don't keep record of customers calling or able to track anything) he advised that this second notice is for telling me that it is held in the customs. The next day, i received another papers from Fedex which is a copy of the request done by Fedex for the customs and Customs feedback, i can tell you that i have spent almost 3hours trying to understand what those papers were about and what should i do with them, as usual, i contacted Fedex and as usual, they told me that it is pending clearence from customs, so i have to repeat the whole story with my contacts with Fedex, after she told me that if something is needed from me, they will contact me so i asked her why did i receive papers from Fedex request with the customers, she hanged a little bit before asking me to hold, after some long time, she came back and told me that she will put me in contact with their guy in the airport who advised me that those papers needs to be signed by some governamental party to allow my goods to get into the country (like i was supposed to know that by my own!!!) and i have to do it by myself as it is outside the airport!! he advised that once i have the approval, i should contact him so he send me someone to collect the approval (Thanks God), I managed to get the approval two hours after (good thing when dealing with governamenal entity), i called same number and resaid what is going on adding what i am requesting now as i was leading the whole process, i know what is going on more than them, but she advised me to call the call center (i didn't know that the number i got was the custom departement within Fedex) so i called the call center and explained what is going on and what i am requesting, he advised me my details so he can send someone to pick up the approval (he seemed new starter as there was someone beside him telling him what to ask me, it was surprising that they didn't get my info by themselves specially that i provided them the tracking number where my info are listed), well the courrier got and took the approval, two days later, it is still same status, no one is contacting me to let me know what is happening and the call center doesn't know anything (i believe the only tool thsy have is the tracking tool that i can check from the net which is not very clear to understand what is going on) so i decided to write this complain on Fedex as i still not getting any concrete step nor does they keep me updated.

I forgot to mention that it is currently delayed from the initial expected date by 5 days and that i choose "international priority service" to get it soon but for sure i regret to have chosen Fedex for this shipment and i regret more that i have chosen "international priority service", it is really slow. And i still don't know how much will they surcharge me

1183a706, 2009-08-20, 01:56PM CDT

Unprofessional,crudely set up, might as well not even have tracking, disgusting sorry excuse for a delivery company. UPS is head and shoulders above Fed-up.

790156c7, 2009-08-29, 06:37PM CDT

I agree. FedEx is the most utterly useless delivery service out there. I ordered a laptop and they estimated the shipping date to be 8/28/09. It didn't arrive anywhere near my location on this day. The next day, they updated that estimate to arrive on 8/29/09, the FedEx guy apparently came and "attempted" to drop off the package. Despite the fact that I was at home the whole day, no knock, no doorbell. He leaves a door tag that says he attempted to deliver the package. I call in customer service, and the guy who picks up says they delivered the package on the 27th, and that the door tag I.D. number I gave him was non-existent. He also made up a person who supposedly signed for my package. I then called back to customer service again and the next guy seemed friendlier, he asked what my problem was and I explained it to him, whereupon he promised to call the FedEx center in charge of my order and have it either redelivered, or left there so I could pick it up that day. He also took my phone number assuring me I would get a call about one of these two situations soon. Two hours had passed, so I called customer service again, and asked to speak to a supervisor, whereupon I was told that the package already left the center and the delivery guy wouldn't be back in time, and I would have to wait until Tuesday (today is Saturday) to go out there to pick up the package. Utterly useless inferior human garbage would describe FedEx employees quite accurately. Their quality of service is incompetent and they deserve nothing short of the loss of my support.

9b1bea86, 2009-09-01, 06:25PM CDT

Aww that's toooo bad. Fedex has been good on my end. Always arriving two days early and delivering on time. Too bad they suck on your end. OH well.

a22dc75f, 2009-09-03, 10:34PM CDT

"Aww that's toooo bad. Fedex has been good on my end. Always arriving two days early and delivering on time. Too bad they suck on your end. OH well."

You're kind of a dick, hmm?

897e2091, 2009-10-12, 02:43PM CDT

I trying to study abroad in Prague and I sent my app in early and used Fedex. They sent to Russia, apparently Fedex thinks that Prague is there, even on my package it said Czech Rep. I have called 6 times and still they woudn't ship it to the right country. Somebody really needs to be fired this. If you work in International shipping and you don't know where cities are then you are complete moron

9fafe7b2, 2009-10-22, 01:40PM CDT

I will never use fed ex again. I was driving and a fed ex truck cut me off, and then drove 10 miles under the speed limit. Then he went to my house to deliver package and started cursing at me for tailing him......fuck fedEX

d77cf91b, 2009-11-06, 05:29PM CST

I agree their service sucks, especially ground. I've been trapped in my house awaiting a box which was supposed to be delivered last week. It's now 6 days later and still don't have it. Even the arrogant old phone company gives you a 4 hour window. Who can put their life on hold and literally go nowhere for an entire day, let alone 6. I will not use them again either.

6019d70b, 2009-12-10, 01:30PM CST

fedex hires contract drivers thats why quality goes down the drain. they completely sucks as a shipping company. i dont know why they are still in business. i now send all my package via USPS or UPS.

93297bbe, 2009-12-24, 11:05PM CST

FED-ex sucks big time and i'm not really understanding the purpose to the customer service because they say they are the direct contact to the facility with the package but yet read you the same info u can read urself online. how a package go from being on a truck to not coming due to a weather condition not in my area.

d9e45049, 2010-01-08, 10:09PM CST

i live in a rural area and have had ups deliver without fail! they always deliver on time and they update the tracking info regularly.i purchase alot of items online.every time i order an item from a online merchant that only offers fedex as an option thier is always a delivery current experience with fedex is no delivery attempt made two days in a row!!!!! fedex sucks!!!!!!!! and i will not order from online merchants where fedex is the only option!!!!!! THEY TRULY DON'T DELIVER!!!!!! IN THIS ECONOMY PEOPLE PAY HARD EARNED MONEY TO HAVE PAECEL DELIVERED AND ITS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE SUCH A DISREGARD FOR PROMPT SERVICE AND KEEPING THIER DELIVERY COMMITMENT.WHEN THEY ARE BANKRUPT THEY WILL NOT HAVE TO WONDER WHY THEY LOST!!!!!

65e8f9ee, 2010-01-11, 10:48AM CST

I regularly receive packages from three major shippers, FedEx, UPS and USPS.

In every instance in the past where I have been the recipient of a FedEx package before, the driver delivered it to my apartment complex's management office instead of to me.

The UPS driver and the USPS carrier have a key to enter my building. I assume the FedEx driver does not, that's no problem, I have a door buzzer.

This morning, I was expecting a very important Priority Overnight package. The doorbell buzzer rang at 9AM. I hopped into my wheelchair and rolled over to the phone to buzz him in. No answer.

The guy didn't even wait 30 seconds after hitting the door buzzer to jump back in his truck and drive off, leaving the door tag behind.

I work from home and am always available to receive deliveries. There is no reason my FedEx packages seemingly always find their way to my hands late, either by 'attempted delivery' several times or by being delivered to the wrong person, except for the impatience and unprofessionality of the driver.

Ultimately this post comprises two complaints; I would like for deliveries that are supposed to be sent to me, to be delivered to me and not to my landlord; I would also like for the driver to wait for an answer when he requests entry to deliver a package requiring a signature. His job is delivering packages, not dropping off door tags.

I've never experienced either of these problems with UPS or USPS. If I am to choose the shipping agent for future deliveries, I will not choose FedEx.

f483cf91, 2010-04-23, 03:54PM CDT

You guys are lucky. This is international priority freight:

Now who is this c*cksucker running this company?

f83d3832, 2010-05-19, 02:21PM CDT

Same.. I've been waiting by the door since 10 am.. I checked my door at 11:30 to find a door tag written for 11:10...

I heard no knock, No bell. Nothing..

811bb804, 2010-05-20, 07:08AM CDT

I found this site by a google search and thought I would share my past experiences. I frequently buy electronics on ebay, amazon, etc. If they sell it used at a decent price I have more than likely bought from their website. About 2 years ago I won a great nintendo lot auction, paid immediately, and didn't give it another thought since no one had ever used Fedex to ship my items. After waiting nearly a week I wrote the seller asking if they had shipped out and when to expect the package. The seller responded saying they had sent out the same day I made payment through fedex and was baffled since the tracking number stated I had received. I looked up the tracking info and sure enough the item had been delivered. I wondered how could this be since I never received so I decided to give Fedex a call and find out what was going on. After being on the phone for about 20 minutes I was able to talk to someone about my situation and they told me their service team would have to look into the matter and talk to the person who delivered the package. I gave my name and phone number and didn't receive a phone call until the next day. It turns out the carrier delivered my package to my neighbor!! We did and still do not get along, so I asked why they would even think to do something like this. They told me many of their customers do not mind their neighbors accepting packages and rarely have any problems. I immediately walked over to my neighbor's apartment to pick up my package while on my cell phone, and my neighbor lied to my face and said they had never received a package. The person I talked to on the phone said they would send out the carrier who delivered the package to try and retrieve my package. After a couple days and a lot of fighting with my neighbor and Fedex, my neighbor's roommate ended up admitting to receiving the package. My neighbor's roommate had opened the box thinking it was their's and thankfully it turned out to be a big misunderstanding. Before you buy online, make sure your seller is shipping either USPS and UPS ALWAYS has done me right. :)

77428c03, 2010-06-28, 07:47PM CDT

i to have had all i can take from fed ex. every time they deliver here they keep going to the front of the building instead of going to the back entrance. this has happened 4 out of 5 times. i don't understand how anybody could be so stupid and hold a job. when my orders come ups they are on time the right door and on time every time. so if you ship fed ex you lost my business. FED EX SUCKS

c42b97a8, 2010-07-23, 08:42PM CDT

I'd like to add my rant to a complaint board. FedEX sucks in Fort Lauderdale/Miami. They routinely deliver to the wrong address. One of my worst experiences was after waiting weeks to get a package that you couldn't seem to deliver, I took off work to wait at home because I was assured that they would in fact get it right and deliver it to my house on that day. The driver called and asked me to meet him at a gas station. I did because I wanted my friggin package. What else can you do? They suck, suck, suck.

87d6bd38, 2010-09-07, 04:40PM CDT

Yup, I've been home all day and my package says 'delivered', but of course there is nothing on the front door step. or the gate...or in the the neighbors...around back...nothing.

what a crock of shit

e5dc79de, 2010-09-10, 08:41PM CDT

Fed Ex sucks. They just cost me $500 because they could get a package here on time. I will never again use FedEx in my entire life. They will loose far more in my lifetime than what they cost me. Bye Bye

f12a5050, 2010-10-05, 06:45PM CDT

your all whining about fedex but UPS is no better, my friend had ordered a 500 dollar kitchen mixer which was tagged to be delivered to her address requiring a signature. The UPS driver left it at her front door without a signature according to delivery record and when she got home it wasnt there!!! So no suprise she will never use UPS again. So UPS is no better all these guys have loosers workin for them. This crap happens all the time regardless of the company.

2af9450b, 2010-11-18, 03:37AM CST

As a business owner, I know it is inevitable that complaints may come, and I'm sure UPS has its share of failures, HOWEVER, the FEDEX delivery guy who works our route is truly a loser lying douchebag- he knocked on our door Monday, waited probably 5-10 seconds, and RAN AWAY, because when I opened the door, he was nowhere to be seen for 50 feet in either direction down the hallway.

So FEDEX, there's this new technology called cellular phones, apparently it's really difficult for you to deal with since no one has apartment intercoms hooked up to a landline anymore, I'd recommend you come up w some strategy to deal with it or your job and lives will just get harder.

It doesn't help that the FEDEX delivery driver doofus who works our route is one special induhvidual. He knocks on our door monday, and by the time I opened it, no one there, not even in the hallway 50-60 feet in either direction.

Which means doofus waited less than 30 SECONDS before RUNNING away.

Which if he'd left a door tag, I could have just called FEDEX quickly to tell them I'm here and have him come back, but no, he left the tag at the front door of the building.

Yes, after coming to our door. Doofus.

So I realized today (WEDNESDAY) that I still hadn't gotten anything from FEDEX yet. So I called them up, was told I would have to go to the depot to pick up my package.

I immediately asked for a supervisor, and told the the a$$ on the phone in no uncertain terms I would not be doing their job for them (AGAIN- this has been an ongoing problem with FEDEX. Somehow, UPS always seems to have no problem getting into our "security" building in which the security door SOMETIMES latches closed- maybe they're hiring SUPER NINJA CAT BURGLERS!?!) THAT THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN PAID TO DO and that they could just deliver the box.

The "supervisor" came on and began speaking in a soft voice which I could barely hear.

I asked him politely three times to speak up, he didn't change his volume at all, it was very clear he was speaking softly to screw with me.

So I basically had to press my stereo bluetooth headsets into my ear as I was driving down the freeway in order to communicate with this jerk, whereupon he told me that his driver claimed to have tried to deliver it 3 times, so I would have to pick it up at their depot.

I told the jerk that obviously the driver was lying, since either my wife or me has been there for the last 3 days.

The supervisor ignored everything I said, and continued to recite his mantra that delivery had been attempted 3 times, and since no one was there to sign for it I would have to go pick it up.

I snapped.


"Supervisor"; "I'm sorry sir, the driver cannot come back tonight, will someone be there tomorrow?"


"Well sir, someone needs to be there, the driver called your phone # and no one answered-"



"I don't have access to the # on my computer system."



"I'm sorry sir, the driver cannot come back tonight, will someone be there tomorrow?"


At this point another voice broke in and said if I continued to curse they would disconnect the call.

I had already been thinking about how much time I'd wasted dealing with these fucking idiots and how I would simply have future fedex packages delivered to another address I know works, so I shouted;


and hung up.

Now I know my service from FEDEX probably will not improve, but since it sucked out loud so badly anyway, there's not really anywhere for it to go but up, so I don't think I risked a whole lot there.

And I really have no plans to have anything delivered to this address via FEDEX. I have enough problems in my life without doing something that is known stupid.

It's been a REALLY long time since I blew up like that, and I'm not proud of it, but it just goes to show how maddening a crappy attitude can be when you're dealing with jackholes who just don't give a fuck about doing a good job, either that or FEDEX is not making as much money as they did during the go-go real estate bubble days and they're trying to survive a bad economy by getting people to pick up their own stuff.

I think their business model is changing- and they are trying to compel people to go to their depot to pick up their packages in order to maximize profits.

This seems the most likely explanation for what I found when I came home; TWO "attempted delivery" tags on my door, one from Tuesday and one from today (Wednesday), as if I wouldn't have noticed that in my comings and goings over the last two days.

I can only conclude this is a developing plan for FEDEX, or they just suck at this particular hub and stink from the top down, since no one who cared about their job would screw with customers this much and expect not to be fired.

unfortunately, the tag numbers were not consecutive (which would have tripped up the assholes story that he had tried to deliver it 3 times), about 80 apart, so the driver was at least smart enough to do that, which further confirms my suspicion I'm getting "go-away" service as part of a profit-maximizing plan.

Because otherwise, he would have had to have either pulled a tag out of order and saved it to cover his ineptitude/dishonesty, or written it but not left it on my door.

It further confirms my suspicions FEDEX would prefer you pick up your own package since to leave those tags on the door after I called, means HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO HAVE ACTUALLY GONE THERE AND STILL NOT DELIVER THE PACKAGE!

Amazing. Welcome to Russia, where service is our last resort.

2af9450b, 2010-11-18, 02:05PM CST

You know, it occurs to me that if the tab #s are 80 #s apart, that means they fail to deliver some 80 packages a day!

4fe0ba30, 2010-11-26, 10:39PM CST

I shipped vital tools via Fedex from the Seattle area on November 22, 2010 on an overnight to South Carolina for a job I was contracted to do. It is now November 26 and the shipment has not even left the Seattle sorting terminal.

What is especially maddening is that when I call, each person gives me a different line of BS. It is obvious that they are just making up some song and dance and have no idea what is going on.

ac03ff4f, 2010-12-20, 07:18PM CST

i cant get fedex to walk to my front door to leave a package.i have a covered porch 25 feet from the driveway & concrete on my third complaint with the lazy assholes.i even have a sign posted on the garage door telling drivers to leave all mail & packages on front porch so my boxers cant get to it.they chew on anything.only usps seems to know how to do there drivers are either lazy,illiterate or both!this is my last time getting a pakage left in the rain out side the garage chewed on by my dogs due to dumb ass syndrome.

5c727ab8, 2010-12-22, 07:20AM CST

Let Fedex executives know here -

27ccc391, 2010-12-22, 07:21AM CST

Let Fedex executives know here -

5b299de7, 2010-12-27, 07:33AM CST

I ordered some auto parts online,If I would have known it was fed ex handling the delivery...I would have ordered them from the local auto parts store...after two weeks...still no parts...I called them and they said they were sorry, they were extremely busy and they just didn't get to it yet...sounds like they are government employee's...I thought their job was to deliver packages?...they don't have time to do their job?, I'll never use them again...Thanks for screwing up my schedule fed ex!!!...

53508c1e, 2010-12-31, 04:15PM CST

Amen FedEx is absolutely horrible!!!

99979a22, 2011-01-10, 10:11PM CST

F*cking Fedex. Can get to Singapore to Sudney in 8 hours; then takes 8 hours more to travel 8k's to depot - 'delivery failure' - BS- someone at home.

484d3903, 2011-02-11, 03:43PM CST

agree completely. Had some documents go from San Diego to Memphis then back to San Diego. Snow in Memphis delayed these time sensitive documents. Why not San Diego to San Diego????DUH. Postal delivery would have been better/faster/cheaper!

3f1bb8b3, 2011-03-11, 03:33PM CST

To FedEx: "Your company is inept. You were notified of a change of delivery address on 3/7 and you delivered to the "old" (Tampa, FL) - not "new" (Clearwater, FL) - address on 3/10. Then, instead of sending it to the new address (Clearwater), you shipped the item back to your FedEx in Memphis. Meanwhile, when I first called in today, despite y...our online records saying the item was in Memphis, your rep told me I'd be getting the item today because it's sitting in your Dunedin, FL facilities. When I called back hours later, that new rep told me the online records are right and it's in Memphis and I won't be getting the package. She also said she has no idea why you FedEx didn't deliver the item to the correct address in the first place, why it went to Memphis, when I'll receive it or when/if someone their will actually call me (as promised by the first rep I spoke to today). Unbelievably poor logistics. Tracking no.: XXXXXXXXXXXX. SOMEONE CALL ME!!!!"

18df4530, 2011-04-09, 05:45PM CDT

Same thing happened to me. Home, never heard the doorbell, later looked out my front door and there was a Missed Delivery tag on the mailbox. Called them as I was flying out the following morning and told they cannot deliver again today. Fed Ex used to be a "Can Do" company bit have become a "Cannot Do" orginization. Hello Brown!

ad32c7d1, 2011-04-19, 06:35PM CDT

Again, fedex failed to deliver an overnight package on time. They claimed the roads were not passable but UPS had no problem making my deliveries. This is the 5th time fedex has faild to deliver and I guarantee I will NEVER use there poor service again and I highly recommend all others to do the same. UPS is the best overnight service around.

e3086ba5, 2011-04-19, 06:40PM CDT

Again, fedex failed to deliver an overnight package on time. They claimed the roads were not passable but UPS had no problem making my deliveries. This is the 5th time fedex has faild to deliver and I guarantee I will NEVER use there poor service again and I highly recommend all others to do the same. UPS is the best overnight service around.

e9e0ea05, 2011-04-22, 10:08PM CDT

FedEx is apparently sufficiently aware of their own sucktitude that they preemptively bought FedExSucks .com, .net, .org, etc...

But, after they cost me a not-so-small fortune, then rubbed salt in the wound by welching on their "guarantee", I discovered that they missed

I own that one now. And this page is already featured on the links page.

18b355fa, 2011-05-04, 11:36AM CDT

same thing just happened to me. There corperate office is a joke. There CEO is Fred Smith, contact him at 901-369-3600, you'll end up talking to his flunky, he's not man enough to hear whats wrong with his company. Six days and counting to try to resolve there delivery problems. They must hire people with no skills, that can't read a address.

b21e2e19, 2011-07-28, 11:09AM CDT

I had ordered a replacement cell phone, which was supposed to have been delivered to Los Alamos, N.M. A couple of days later, a forest fire forced the evacuation of the town, displacing residents for a little more than a week. I called Verizon and requested that the package be rerouted to another address in another part of the state. The request was made. I later checked the tracking and learned that FedEx never followed through on this simple request. My package continued to sit at the Santa Fe hub. Becoming increasingly worried that it would be sent back to Verizon, I began making inquires on my own.

FedEx representatives weren't sure why the package hadn't yet been rerouted, but they'd put in another note requesting the change of address. I had similar conversations with three different people during the next few days. The tracking results never changed. After about four days, I called and told FedEx just to hold it in Santa Fe. I would drive the hundred miles and retrieve my package. The speaker on my old phone had stopped working, and I didn't want my new one to be returned to the sender. This would be more inconvenient. The next day I arrived at the Santa Fe hub. I was greeted by a very rude gentleman who said he remembered seeing my name but had no idea where to look for my package. I left the office and returned shortly with the tracking number. Another woman was equally rude. The original clerk stood next to her as she entered my numbers into the computer. They both told me that my package had been sent to the Clovis hub and that my package would be delivered the next day. Suspicious, I later checked the tracking on a smart-phone and learned my package had actually been sent to Texas, its place of origin.

I called customer support, and the supervisor admitted that the clerks at the Santa Fe hub lied to me. It was never in Clovis and was never scheduled for next-day delivery.

Because the package had not been delivered or picked up within four days, it had been returned to sender. And also, since there were too many requests, FedEx could no longer hold the package or reroute the address. I threatened to write letters to company headquarters if I didn't get my package. The supervisor made the change of address happen, and the next day I received my phone.

I would think that a company would be more understanding of someone who was out of town because of a forest fire. I won't deliberately do business with FedEx, but sometimes vendors don't provide a choice. In fact, UPS just sent some data cables to me through FedEx. We'll see how things go.

c38aa96d, 2011-08-04, 10:22PM CDT

aw,yes !!!fed ex is typical of corporate america.....promise lots on their tv ads;;;deliver little..

when they screw up, which in my case was three time,in the last 7 months, along with verizon, with their incredibly cheap cell phones,,they all lie;;;;lie;;;lie!!!apolgize;;apologize;;apoogize;;then laugh as ya cal them a holes when y,all hang up..even the computer programmed apologies lie..even, the postal service is better..

hey ,fed ex...go eat shit & die..

7407f246, 2011-08-11, 07:04PM CDT

Fed Ex driver trying to drop my package off at the rental office. Too lazy to ring my bell or take the elevator to my apartment. 2 times now and he still has not rung my bell. After 9 dollars of phone calls to Fed Ex on my Pay As You Go cellphone, including one where i was on hold 15 minutes then abruptly disconnected, he comes to my apartment. If I didn't have a computer where I could track the package I would have never known this took place and my package would be on its way back to Walmart now. Fed Ex is no damn good. Do not use if possible.

87e140d4, 2011-08-31, 01:45AM CDT

Just another reason why FedEx sucks balls:

pass this on..make sure everyone knows they're wack.

4ddd5036, 2012-01-04, 04:52AM CST

I think Fedex doesn't see the person getting the package as the customer. Their only concern is with the company they ship for.I don't think I have ever seen a Fedex driver who didn't think they were hot crap and everyone else is an A hole,Except for other drivers of course.As far as supervisors go,they believe drivers can do no wrong.The company will bend over backwards to kiss the ass of large shippers,I guess thats who they see as the customer because they have contracts with them.As far as the poor shmuck getting the package well your just a nobody.I think you should contact the company that ships with them and let them know you did not buy from them because they use fedex.

Every online retailer I think of using,I double check their shipping page to see the methods they offer.If I see fedex, I just avoid it.I have had enough experiences to realize its not isolated or just a bad day,its a way they do business.I really dont want them on my property.Last time they delivered they drove around my car on my lawn and I mean left and right sets of tires completely because my car was on the drive and for some reason he insisted no going to the back,and it would just have been too far to walk,and I guess leaving it in the front was completely out of the question.

I get stuff UPS all the time and never have any problems.He parks out front, walks the package up to the house,and stangely never needs to drive on my lawn.

9f5d399c, 2012-03-06, 09:16AM CST

If possible I will never use Fedex. Everytime I have ordered anything from anybody online FedEx screws up the delivery. Order from Walmart shows tracking as follows: Pick up by FedEx on March 2, Shipped out to destination on March 6. Package has been sitting at a Fedex hub now for four days. I will order ban item from a vendor based on them not using FedEx.

0f7d01ea, 2012-05-02, 12:41PM CDT

I know what you mean i ordered a few things from a company online aswell and on the day i expected it to arrive it never did, and, it turns out the driver dropped it at the wrong adress, after almost a week of calling them i got no reselution, so now i am out 40 bucks, screw off FedEx i will never use your sevices again.

56126fdd, 2012-05-05, 11:35AM CDT

Absolutely. For the past seven years they've delivered 40% of my packages to a similar address at a different town and zip code. Seven years of complaining has not resolved this and the person living at that residence got so sick of me constantly coming by for my packages that he called the police on me and warned me to never go there again. Recently my company sent me a FedEx that I didn't revive, I later found out that they gave the package to the refrigerator repairman who was at my house. So I instructed my company to require a signature and they let the gardener sign for my package. These guys suck! FedEx used to be a good company, now they've gotten too big and don't care. I'll celebrate when some hot shot venture capitalist forms a lean and mean alternative that puts them out of business. I've just started my own small business and refuse to use FedEx.

54a4a27d, 2012-07-03, 06:46PM CDT

Wow, I feel you're pain. I ordered parts on a Saturday, rush of course. But being generally a patient person, I neglected to tell the parts company about Fed-ex inability to deliver parts to this address. Well, as the story continues, it is 10 days later and I still have not received my parts. Their tracking number shows the package has been within delivery range for about four days now. Since their shipping map shows my area to be within four days delivery, countrywide I might ad, maybe I'm being a little unreasonable. Hmmm... They just plain suck. USPS can get a package here, Idaho rural, in 3 days from Florida, UPS about 4 and Its beginning to look like 2 weeks for Fed-ex. Express my ass.

0eb21a3b, 2012-11-05, 03:51AM CST

just +1.

NOBODY should be using fedex at this point. we have established that they are garbage, now we just need to make sure everyone knows they are.

jim d., 2013-03-15, 09:54AM CDT

Every time a package that I'm waiting for is sent out FedEx I cringe and throw up in my mouth a little. As I type this I sit in my front office with full view of the surrounding blocks awaiting a package from FedEx. I am in the funeral business and have a casket to deliver for a service tonight so I am awaiting a head panel for said casket before I can head out on my 1hr+ trip to drop off the box.

It is now 2 hours past their estimated delivery time, I've been given the runaround by their "customer service" and told repeatedly that it would arrive within the next 15 minutes. I cannot stress enough that I need to get these items to the funeral home within the next few hours for a funeral TODAY. These people could care less about anyone else and seem to revel in slacking off and making people's lives a living hell.

I will NEVER deal with a company or individual that ships FedEx again and will be immediately cancelling our account with them. Screw you assholes.

mitt t., 2013-04-03, 05:55PM CDT



faee2011, 2013-04-05, 05:35PM CDT

RTR Fedex sucks. Whos in charge of this place THE THREE STOOGES!!!!!!

ac04cd16, 2013-05-21, 06:13PM CDT

Simply... I hate Fedex, they are a bunch of lying people..... And USPS is second in line...

R D., 2013-10-12, 03:18PM CDT

REALLY ? Drive right past my house with me trying to flag them down after I paid $25.00 for next day delivery then return it to their warehouse until Monday. This happened on a Saturday morning. Could have saved $25.00 and still got it Monday except for the fact that my JOB depended on me getting it Saturday! Bastards!!!!

Janet E., 2013-12-07, 01:04PM CST

Been waiting on delivery first estimate delivery date was the 4th then next day- the 5th then next day the 6th, and today the 7th. To shows on the tracking delivery exception. I live in a condo not a business and we are not close. I called and thought they could call the driver and have it delivered. What a joke, not even a possiblity! and now they say next attempt wont be for another 3 days! I see why there are so many complaints here. I will not use or order anything that uses fedex again!!!!!!!!

26b7983b, 2013-12-30, 03:15PM CST

waiting for a shipment....they don't know where it is. i say if u can find it can you expedite it? they say no it's ground. sorry

i own a business if i did that i would be out of business so should fed ex that is be out of business

this is not only unacceptable but its unbelievable

tracking number 0668490 15002779


ef34433c, 2014-01-06, 07:53PM CST

Get this! I ordered a Christmas Gift, a COFFEE MUG, from cafepress on December 18, 2013. I received a confirmation email from them about 12:30am on December 19, 2013. Their website had a banner on the top of the screen to the effect gifts would arrive by Christmas Eve. This TINY box was sent FEDEX. According to tracking on Fedex, the coffee mug arrived in Indianapolis on 12/26... then 12/27 it left Indy for Kansas City where it sat for FOUR DAYS!...and was forwarded onto Chino CA...then it was shipped to Chatsworth CA for the USPS... with an anticipated delivery date of JANUARY 6. Do you think it will make it in time for CHRISTMAS??????? A TEENY TINY little box that was ordered on 12/19/2013 cannot make it across the country in less than NINETEEN (19) DAYS ????? I drove across the country from cincy to Los angeles in 4 days..A WOMAN... ALONE !!!!! this is PATHETIC......

Darrell S., 2014-03-26, 05:33AM CDT

I live at the end of a county road, before crossing into another state. Due to my distance from the dispatch center, I often have package(s) delivered on the day after their website states "Out For Delivery". They have posted, "unable for signature" when no signature was required; "scheduled for delivery next business day" - package arrived on Sat morn at 6:30Am and laid at their site till Tuesday - now I know they deliver on Saturday cause my son received his delivery this past Saturday; "wrong address" was their posting yesterday and I have been doing business with this company (that sent the package) for several years and I know when the package arrives, the address will be correct.

Yes, FEDEX truly SUCKS!!!

Bob C., 2014-05-09, 07:55AM CDT

Don't use FedEx Ground, They marked my package as, Delivered, left at front door, who's front, not my front door. I was home at that date and time. Once they scan a package as delivered, you have no recourse what so ever, delivered or not, and the shipper has no responsibility because their item was marked as delivered. I see more of this going on, companies can only get away with this unacceptable business behavior, not accepting responsibility for anything, it's just a matter of time before they go belly up.

My experience so far, UPS 100% and Postal 100%

Again , Don't use FedEX, It's just a matter of time before they'll get you...

Thanks, Bob

8e97f332, 2014-06-07, 07:25PM CDT

I ordered a special gift online for a special occasion. Unfortunately they sent it fed ex. I waited all day for it to arrive because I Don't use fed ex because they have flat out lost shipped items in the past and I didn't know when they deliver in our area. Mid afternoon I get a tracking update saying it was not delivered due to invalid street address. WTF! Our street address is valid enough for the US post office and UPS. I called the number provided and got a man I could not understand. Tried to explain our address was valid and why. I told him our address over and over and over and over as he kept trying to verify it was correct. (MORON) He kept trying to tell me it would be delivered as scheduled but all my information said it was to be delivered that day notthe next next day. I told him even my tracking information showed it to be delivered that day and he said there was no tracking information sent out. I had 2 on my phone that i read him and i was told he didnt know about those. He kept insisting it would be delivered as scheduled and I pointed ou even the information from the seller showed delivery that day not the next. I finally gave up with this incompetent moron and asked what happens now. He told me he would inform the facility and they would call within 2 hours to verify address yet again. GUESS WHAT? No one called. IMAGIN THAT! I called the local facility over an hour away and the recording said it was a non working number. Total incompetence is an understatement. I finally called the number I call earlier and got another fool that I went through it all again with and was told the facility had been notified and of course no one knew why I hadn't been called but it would be delivered tomorrow. YEA RIGHT!!! I'll hold my breath. I Hate fed ex and I will not do business with a company that won't ship UPS and NOT use fed ex. We ordered a pair of 1000.00 binoculars once from a company that sent them fed ex and they just disappeared from their dallas hub, never to be seen again. Have I said I Hate fed ex enough? No ------ I HATE fed ex. They are totally in component, rude, careless, untrained, uncaring, dishonest, unprofessional and all the other adjectives that go along with them. DON'T USE fed ex FOR ANY REASON!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY.

jim c., 2014-06-21, 09:33AM CDT

FedEx stinks bad service said all week shipped on Saturday like they they say every time then they say they were there and posted a note but no note and I have cameras to prove it if I had my way I would use USPS .

Eduardo E., 2014-07-14, 01:23PM CDT

I just read Bob C comment and that's exactly what happened to me!!!!!I barely left to go work out and when i came back to my home i checked the tracking information online and it said it was left at the front door at my house. I didn't see no package!!!!! Why couldn't they leave a fucking note!!but no!!! leaving a package in front of my door without knocking in front everyone in my neighborhood is the dumbest thing you can do!!! arghhhh! Why did the holy of fuck did i get fed-ex to ship my product?!!!

c241a3ba, 2014-08-21, 06:46PM CDT

I know FedEx shipping carrier is so bad and hard time to hold to pick up. But FedEx system fail because they take many hours to hold pick up.

e0d30986, 2014-10-30, 02:27PM CDT

Fedex left a note on my door Tuesday that they tried to deliver. It required an adult signature. Since I work for a living and didn't want to take off work and sit home waiting, I called before 5:00 PM Tuesday and set it up to hold for pickup.

Tracking says at 5:33 PM Tuesday "held at FedEx location for recipient pickup." At 7:19 AM Wednesday and 7:17 AM Thursday, it says "At local Fedex facility." At 2:26 PM Thursday tracking still says "Package is not yet ready for pickup." It has been at the facility for over 44 hours, but it is noy ready to pickup.

Customer NO service from FedEx.

a1851f34, 2014-11-25, 07:26AM CST

FEDEX Is so un-professional why do they give you a tracking number but you never know when it will be delivered where it is, or anything they need to fix this so a tracking number works, not for when they miss you because you didn.t know it was going to be there i always tell my sender to use ups there are smarter and the tracking number actually tells you that its on its way instead of in the dark shipping fucking idiots!

6fdbf0a8, 2014-12-05, 06:08AM CST

I agree with every post here but I must say that if Fedex is going to this much trouble to upset people and not give a crap about people then their business must be booming and it might be time to buy their stock. They also might want to take their lousy customer service level down a few more notches and have a massive layoff and make even more money for their investors. I mean I talked with 5 different fedex customer service reps yesterday and got a different story from all of them and none of the stories was acceptable so there was no reason to talk with any of them except maybe the last one which seemed to be recording my voice patterns so I kept changing my voice during the whole conversation. It was a mood lifting comical conversation which convinced me not to use any company that uses fedex but I will buy their stock.

2a764a34, 2014-12-11, 12:27PM CST

I ordered a computer and one of the thieves working for fed-ex stole it.

Michael R., 2014-12-24, 02:12PM CST

I surely hope people will support the USPS because as bad as it is ,it is so much better than this sorry FEDEX. I ship 50-100 packages a month and decided to try FedEx on one I needed. I arranged a pickup, ground. they sent express so he would not pick up the package. When I called they said they would go back out but it was at a business so they where closed. They said they would pick it up on Saturday but the business was only open 1/2 day and that was not a big enough time frame to arrange. So after the fedex rep called the dispatcher they said they would go by first thing Monday. well its 8 pm Monday and they never showed. I called and they claimed they could not find the pickup order from the confirmation number I gave. Now they will try Tuesday. I could have hitch hiked the 4 hours away and brought the 50 pound box back on the bus for all this aggravation. Useless. absolutely useless. The best service carrier moved away DHL.

936ee3b7, 2014-12-30, 06:03PM CST

I ordered a heater online through Walmart which was my first mistake. my second mistake was not taking the time to see who the shipper was. Of course it was FedEx. Had I known I would have ordered it on Ebay or went to Menards because I think Lowes sucks the big one. Different story for another time. Nobody at fedex or Walmart will dig their heads out of their asses to let me know where my heater is. A year ago I ordered a v-twin motorcycle engine and FedEx destroyed it in shipment. It looked like Tom Hanks broke coconuts with it.

e2bd73a1, 2015-01-29, 08:42PM CST

THEY SUCK! Today I got a notice on my door (well actually it wasn't even on the door but on the hallway FLOOR). I saw the notice after I received an email notification that there was a delivery EXCEPTION because I was not at home. Well, guess what? I was home! After speaking to a very rude rep who said, "well you can't expect the drivers to pound on your door or kick it down to deliver a package to you" I got them re-attempt delivery that same day. The driver came by and knocked on my door, I told him to please leave the package (and there was a detailed note tacked to the door stating the same). The driver lingered in the hallway for a half hour and when it sounded like he finally left I looked outside the door and there was no package, no note, nothing. I called Fedex and they said the driver was in the wrong (ya think?) for hanging out in my hallway (gee, shouldn't he also be in the wrong for failing to do his basic job of delivering packages????). So I never received my package, the driver got away with behaving like an incompetent whack-job and there's no accountability on their end whatsoever. I am a small business owner who will never use them as a shipping carrier nor will I ever do business again with those who do. Every Rep and Manager I spoke with was snippy, argumentative and unhelpful. Promises were made to me and not kept...this is not the way to run a reputable business.

d1baf05a, 2015-02-28, 09:02PM CST

They suck big dicks, waited all day for delivery and saw the lazy son of bitch drive by my house and didn't even slow down. (By the way I live on dead end street and they had to turn around). Called and they said would try again Tuesday. Go screw youeself fedex.

Z Z., 2015-04-23, 09:23AM CDT

FedEx had my package in the local hub for 4 days. My house is difficult to find, so on the second day they called me for directions. I told them that I live behind address X, via a long panhandle lot that runs down the left hand side of address X.

The next day, no package. ---

The day after that, again no package. I called customer svc. and they told me that it was on the road for delivery. Still no package.

The next day, no package. I called customer svc again and they told me that they'd delivered it to address X. As a result, I became very rude. It's hard to make me that angry, but they managed it.

My SO had already stopped using them when their driver refused to deliver via a panhandle lot because he was afraid of panhandlers. That a panhandle lot is a long, narrow access and not a hangout for panhandlers went over the driver's head. That's one stupid lot of people.

d0bf17a7, 2015-07-11, 10:00PM CDT

Fed-Ex has never been a good delivery company. Over the past six months I've had three items shipped by companies I know, mom and pop places who now take digital pictures of the packages when they are picked up by Fed-Ex to prove that the crushed items received by their customers leave their hands intact. Today I went to FedEx to pick up a box that was crushed. Thanks to good packing the item was safe and undamaged. Fed-Ex apparently trains their employees that Fragile stickers mean destroy.

In the Past I was employed at a Major University in So. Calif. I worked on NIH Sponsored Medical Studies with HIV/Hep C infected patients. Several times Fed-Ex lost the blood and body fluid samples shipped to the NIH and CDC. As they were the only company who would ship blood, we were stuck. The usual reply when we followed up with Fed-Ex Cust. Service was, Well we should be more careful, but it happens all the time here.

e4d63be6, 2015-08-21, 01:56PM CDT

I ordered a new phone for my wife yesterday from Verizon and was hoping they used UPS; nope. I can only hope it arrives at all; I have had two packages delivered to my house by Fedex that belonged one block over; same house number but wrong street these Fedex drivers apparently can't read or don't know what street they are on....dimwits.

89fac4a4, 2015-09-23, 04:16PM CDT

I have been waiting on a package since this past Friday today is Wednesday it was 50 miles away from me yesterday and today it is 3 states away!!! Fedex totally sucks! I won't be using them again!!!

59881028, 2015-09-24, 04:12PM CDT

FedEx Sucks! For over a year now I have been asking for the Delivery guy to place my packages at my garage NOT my front door. On Shipping labels from the company I mostly order from it says my name and then, "PLEASE LEAVE AT GARAGE DOOR IN A BAG IF IT'S GOING TO RAIN".

nothing. they continually leave the packages at the front door which we never use and unlike the considerate UPS guy, the FedEx guy never outs stuff in a plastic bag and often things are damaged and the company sends us replacement items.

I'm So so SO sick of our local FedEx guys!! When we lived in NYC it was great, never a problem. The Fed Ex guys always delivered our boxes fine (no huge issues with delivery damage), but, the city is efficient and we had a building staff to receive packages. Now? we live in Fairfield county CT and the main hub is in Danbury. I think they train FedEx guys how to be hostile before sending them out around here!!

The UPS guy is fantastic!

hey FedEX go scratch!!

a655a3bc, 2015-11-13, 03:13PM CST

We've had packages stolen off doorsteps in our neighborhood so I ask all the companies I order from to please put a note on the label "Ring doorbell or knock when delivered." UPS seems to manage this request, FedEx never does. Just received a package a few minutes ago and it was hand-written on the label with big black letters and the guy just ignored it. Great customer service, right? I went onto trying to find a phone number so I could complain but didn't have any luck. I went on line again and typed in Fedex Sucks and happened upon this page. I am shocked at the number of complaints, or, maybe I'm not. Pretty pathetic!

3dceea5e, 2015-12-02, 01:03PM CST

Hey you guys are too hard on Fed Ex. I work there and the priority for having your package delivered doesn't matter. My boss wants to walk around with big balls so he has us pile up your packages nice and neat. This is for the drivers to see when they arrive. If the pile of packages really really looks neat and compact my boss will take a picture of it , and post it on the board So boo hoo to ur package. Its probably on our board.

b55a23c7, 2016-01-04, 10:14AM CST

I ordered a Blu-ray player from Walmart Christmas day. It was shipped FedEx. The package was received at the FedEx hub 70 miles from my house Dec. 30th. When I checked tracking it said it would be delivered Saturday Jan. 2nd by end of day. Waited and no package. Checked again Saturday night said it was pending. Checked again Sunday Jan. 3rd said delivery Jan. 2nd by end of day. What the hell is up with that? Checked again Monday Jan. 4th, said it sent instructions to USPS for delivery. What the hell is up with that if was sent USPS in the first place I would have received it already. Not happy with FedEx. Next time I'll check and see how my package will be shipped, if it's FedEx I won't order. Not a very professional company.

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