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Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 10:36pm CDT by 09049d07

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Complaint for Fly Free in 08 promotion.

In November I switched my T-Mobile plan from a family plan to a Fave 5 Family Plan so I could receive two free airline tickets. T-Mobile was running a promotion if you switched to the family plan you would receive a free voucher for a ticket. I have been speaking with T-Mobile regarding when I would receive the free vouchers since February. I was told I would definitely have them by the end of March and would be able to use them by the middle of April I planned a trip to Vegas thinking I would use the vouchers. Well, I never received the vouchers and had to pay $600 for my tickets. I also had planned a second trip that was cancelled due to not receiving the promised vouchers.

I have been calling repeatedly and have talked with several people. Finally in July I received 1 voucher. Problem is as I have a family plan, I was to receive two vouchers. I spoke with the fulfillment center, TLC, who told me T-Mobile only has me listed to receive one. I had been speaking with TLC since April telling them that I should receive two vouchers never once did they tell me I was only listed to receive one.

I then called T-Mobile on July 10th and explained that I only received one voucher instead of two. I have been calling since on a regular basis. I keep getting told that this has been escalated to their business unit for a month now. I spoke with Matt at the end of July and received a call back from a representative who stated I would have my second voucher by August 11th. I waited until August 13th and called TLC to see if it was sent yet. They show no activity in my account since July 9th. T-Mobile never contacted them regarding my second voucher. I have spoken with Matt, Skylar, and Sam, all who have stated they would send this to their business unit to look into. I spoke with T-Mobile on Wednesday of last week and was suppose to receive a call today. When 5:30 came and I had not heard from them, I called. I spoke with Josh who stated Skylar called and left a message on my phone that they would call back on Thursday. I had my phone with me all day and Sklar never called despite what their notes state. I spoke with Josh today and explained my situation and he told me looking at my account it shows that my situation has not been sent to the business unit and he would do so. I have been lied to since March and have still not gotten the second ticket that is owed to me.

I am now planning my honeymoon and have planned on using these tickets once again. If I do not receive these vouchers, I will be out another $800. I was supposed to receive both vouchers by the end of March and as of August 18th I have yet to receive the second voucher.

I received my second voucher on August 26th and sent in right back overnight signature required. (Just under the wire of the 30 day advance requirement) I explained my situation to TLC and TMobile that I am using these for my honeymoon. I was assured that although the voucher states to put three destinations if I noted what it was for, there would be no problem getting the tickets. I called TLC to check the status of my vouchers today and was told as I didnt provide the required three destinations it has been delayed and someone would get back to me within 60 days. I have waited since March for these vouchers and had I received them at that time I would have been able to request the three destinations. Since it took them til August I have paid for one trip cancelled another and now would like to use them for my honeymoon. I was assured that it wouldnt be a problem but apparently I have been lied to yet again. I dont have 60 days. I have 20 till I am married and need these for my honeymoon as promised. I cant believe it is September and I am still dealing with this issue.

If I am unable to use them for this trip I will not be able to redeem these vouchers which is the only reason I extended my contract. It has been a long journey and I hope you can help me get one was promised. Please help. You can find other complaints regarding this promotion on the internet.

Thank you for your time.

Kerry Bronson


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81b1aae0, 2008-11-21, 02:07PM CST


I had the same issue and reported them to the better business bureau. Once they were contacted by the BBB, they honored their end of the bargain. They will cheat you out of the ticket if you let them. Stop fighting with them and report them to the BBB, they'll take care of it.

ff00b0b2, 2008-12-23, 09:46PM CST

I'm sorry that this happened to you. I seemed to have had better luck. I signed up and had no issues. It was easy and i ended up saving a lot of money. I've recommended several friends to participate in this program and no one has had any problems yet.

Good luck to you, i hope your situation works out for the best.

I am a happy costumer.

2f1d5861, 2009-06-29, 04:24PM CDT

My wife, son and I were headed to Las Vegas for a friends wedding and found 3 tickets on a different airline for cheaper than I could get 3 tickets via the fly with t-mobile promotion when one of those 3 tickets was supposed to be free! Talk about a rip off! Next time can you just give me 3-4 months of free phone service!

168ffac0, 2010-01-04, 11:00AM CST

i had no problem, went to florida in july 08 for my daughters birthday...I received 3 vouchers and I am suing my third one in feb 2010.

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