McDonalds - McDonald Employees Need to Take Customer Service Classes!

Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 12:16pm CDT by c458eec9

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Everyone has problems it seems with the customer service at McDonalds..I guess it was our turn again on Sept. 4th..first of all no it was not crowded, no our order was not difficult..and yes the employee was a 100% boob...first we chose what we wanted off the menu before we stepped up to the counter. I wanted a # 2 med, my Partner wanted a #4 med and we wanted 2 cups of my Partner walked up to the counter and said "we want a #2 medium, a #4 medium and 2 cups of chili..the employee' response..2 #2 value meals what size? my baby answered "no, a #2 medium" then he said ok "#2 medium and 2 #4 meals what size?..again my baby said "no a #4 medium..ok let me try this again..a #2 and a #4 both medium size..and 2 cups of chili"..she had to remind him..twice to give us our 2nd cup of chili..I asked for crackers only two packs coz I don't eat them with my chili..he gave us 8 packs..we took them home with us..he didn't give us our drink cups and when we asked for them he said "oh you want drinks?" my Partner said "duh yea, they come with the meals hence the word meal.. burgers fries and drinks"..he handed her two cups then proceeded to try to charge me for two medium drinks when I pointed out the drinks were on the receipt..he hands me two more medium cups then tries to charge me...I handed them back and said you gave us our drink cups already..then he says "don't you want two more medium drinks" I shook my head then very slowly said "no, you forgot to give us our drink cups that goes with our meals so we asked for them..we did not ask for 2 more medium drinks there's only 2 of us we don't need 4 drinks! he nodded his head and said "ok" we waited and we waited for our burgers..the first finally appeared after about 3 minutes..then while we are standing there waiting for our last burger directly in front of that embicile he begins counting out his register..first the paper money, then the change in the meantime our second burger has appeared behind him, but he's too busy counting out his register..I asked for it four times..finally another worker walks over picks it up tosses it on our tray rolls her eyes then goes back to her little bitch fest with another employee..he looks up frowns actually reaches out as I'm picking up our tray and says "I gave you both your burgers?" he then counts the food in front of me shrugs his shoulders and goes back to counting out his register!..I then angrily hissed get your head out of your ass dick lick and do your fucking job" then I walked away from the counter! I think we will stick with Wendys from now on!


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2a344c1d, 2010-12-05, 04:11PM CST

I will agree with you that there are some very....dull McDonald's employees (you should see some of my co-workers!) but that does not make all of us like that. The reason that I clicked on your complaint in the first place was because of your title about McDonald's employees needing to take Customer Service classes. My response to that is that some of us do, for instance managers who plan on staying with McDonald's long-term or advancing higher into the McDonald's hierarchy. Of course, many of the other customers, such as myself, are just college or high school students with his or her first job. I am very thankful for my job at McDonald's because if it weren't for that I would have to pay for my schooling entirely with student loans and then I would spend the better part of my adult life in debt. The point of this is that while SOME McDonald's employees, like the one you mentioned in your complaint, make an experience horrible, there are many of us who do not try to do this yet are disrespected anyway. How would we all be able to take Customer Service classes and who would pay for them? Well, McDonald's might pay for them but we do not have a lot of time to be spending out doing this, as some of us are in high school, college, or have second jobs. And of course, if you feel that you would receive better service at a Wendy's, by all means go there instead. It will make you and many of the employees at McDonald's happier, and isn't that what we all aim for in the end?

c458eec9, 2011-06-07, 03:05PM CDT

I doubt losing a customer to Wendys would make a McDonalds employee happy, unless they are as daft as you are, because duh stupid they rely on their customers to stay in business..hmmm maybe we should ask McDonalds Corporate what they think??!! BTW I do now eat at Wendys anymore and I get exactly what I order the way I ordered it..and if I end up having to wait for my order, I get something for the aggravation, last time I got a free, THATS how you keep customers coming back! I certainly wouldn't want you working for me, if that's really your work (lack) ethics..

c458eec9, 2011-06-08, 03:02PM CDT

Yes, I now take my business to Wendys they get my order right the first time, and if I'm made to wait they make it up to me with a free item..for you to say any business would prefer to lose business to a competitor and actually mean it, just shows your work ethic or should I say lack of work ethic...I'd hate to think I need to be taught how to treat are living proof employees and yes, even some employers have no business dealing with the paying public!

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