Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 12:23pm CDT by ada1b4d6


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I received emails stating that I was buying a Brand New PC and it was being shipped to someone in NJ (from OH) - I checked my checking account and found that someone had accessed my Paypal account and that Paypal authorized $1838.00 off my checking account without requesting permission, etc. I called Paypal immediately and all I have gotten is that they will look into it and they will give me an answer within 10 days. NO GUARANTEES that I will get my $$ or when. eBay is now requiring ALL transactions be paid with Paypal, you cannot use a check or MO. I now have a huge $ of checks that are going to bounce because my account is empty and Paypal is acting like they are not at all accountable. You have to have every form of ID available to get them to talk to you or do anything for you, but obviously if you are spending $ they don't care, they will take anything.


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