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Product: Frigidaire Refrigerator Service supplied by Warrantech


Location: Attn: Customer Service BOX: IVT32 3200 SW 42nd Street
Hollywood, FL, 33312, US

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After purchasing a Brandsmart Service agreement for my Frigidaire Professional Series refrigerator, I have unfortunately had to make way too many repair calls in the first 24 months after purchase. The product itself should be faulted, but the Brandsmart relationship with the service provider / administrator, a company called Warrantech in Texas, is cumbersome, unresponsive, rigid, and bureaucratic. Each time you call Brandsmart for a service call, you are directed thorough the usual multiple VRU options, only to finally reach a live agent who then tells you to call Warrantech to get an authorization number, then call back with the authorization number to be placed in a queue for a service call. The Warrantech agents and managers are the worst part of the whole process, requiring you to give them information you have already given them several times (like detailed model # and serial #) all of which they already have. Warrantech requires you to provide them model & serial number which every time or they REFUSE to authorize the service you have paid for, even though they admit they already have it and have verified your identity, your address, your phone #, and that you have a valid current maintenance agreement with them. Theyy are unconcerned several hundred dollars worth of frozen meats and seafood are melting all over your kitchen floor. Explaining to them that you are at work and do not happen to carry the model #'s and serial #'s of all your home appliances and electronics with you in your wallet provides no relief. They (in this case rep Marty and her manager Bill, tell you to call back when you go home and have the info. They are otherwise unconcerned of your material loss in the meantime or that you have to work, and both repeatedly REFUSE to transfer your call to a higher level manager. BEWARE OF ALL EXTENDED WARRANTY AGREEMENTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY ADMINISTERED BY WARRANTECH even though they are sold by Brandsmart or other merchants.

, you get no service. BE WARNED. If you are considering buying any appliance agreement from Brandsmart or any other retailer, find out if it is really an agreement with Warrantech, and if so, consider other options

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dfad3dba, 2010-06-29, 11:07AM CDT

Consumers beware, you're wasting your monies with Warrantech. We purchased a DLP bulb warranty and did receive the first bulb. They included a mail back box which we promptly returned. When the second of our three covered bulbs burned out we once more contacted them. At that time we were informed that we were in default as they did NOT have a record of our returned bulb. As it was two years ago, finding the receipt was impossible. Its an easy way for them to void the warranty as any logistical error gives them an out!! If you have an existing bulb warranty make sure you File your returned receipt in a safe place or your doomed. Plus now that I am replacing the bulb at our cost, the bulb they provide is an OSRAM after market not the PHILLIPS that's the original manufacturer. They "cheap out" every way they can. The bottom line is avoid Warrantech, or if you're already committed keep all receipts.

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