Burger King - Crap Service

Posted on Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 7:17pm CDT by 63509760

Company: Burger King

Location: Belgrade, MT, 59714, US

Category: Other

I just stopped in the drive-through this evening... the girl stationed at the drive-through seemed to be interested in having fun, speaking with sarcastic exuberance and overly-dramatic, loud 'friendliness'. It seemed apparent that she and her friends were having much fun in the kitchen. She was even 'witty' enough to ask me if my order was for dine-in, or to-go. When I informed her it was obviously to-go, she directed me to pull to the "only window".

Upon reaching the window, I was informed that they had to cook my meal fresh, and was directed to pull into the parking lot to wait... so I proceeded to pull into the penalty box.

Two unkempt looking girls came to my car and handed my bag to me, and turned to go back into the restaurant, without saying one word to me. I stopped them, and asked them if I could get my drink, which was not offered at the window. She asked what I ordered, and went back into the restaurant, again, without another word.

Both girls came back out a minute later; one handed me my drink, and walked back into the restaurant... and again, not one word was spoken.

I realize that the labor market for fast food is exceedingly thin, but I have to say, these 2 retards are going to drive this restaurant into closure. I've frequented this restaurant on a steady basis, and I don't recall seeing this particular group of staff before.

I manage quite a few restaurants, so I hope I understand the challenges that owners, franchisees and management have with these dopes. I won't return to this restaurant, but not out of spite, but just to ensure I won't lose my temper with these dorks.


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