Hewlet Packard - Defective Hard Drives, used computers sold as new

Posted on Saturday, September 6th, 2008 at 4:08pm CDT by ea7c0c79

Product: Desk top Computers

Company: Hewlet Packard

Location: unknown
unknown( India), In, unknown, US

URL: http://www.HP.com/

Category: Other

This I sent to HPtoday. I sated that I would post a complaint.

Purchased product? : August2008

Product HP Pavilion a6500f Desktop PC

Select a problem area: hard drive/storage devices

What is your serial number (SN): CNX8241RNH ( just incase they try to sell it as brand new).

What is your operating system?: Mmicrosoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64

Is your computer unable to work with accessory products? Please select all that apply. printer

digital camera

Can not add old equiptment to vista.

Was the CD/DVD writer drive built into the computer when you purchased it? Yes

Can you hear the sound from the connected speakers? No

Does the display on the product appear to be working properly? No

Problem Description: The Hard drive on my new computer, purchased on 8/11/08 is no good, per your tech support. It was requested that I give her my credit card nunber, so that you could send me a new hard drive ( as if I planned to keep this). This computer, is the third that I purchased since 8/11/08 form the military exchange. None of them worked. I will be taking it back also. I have had simular problems with HP products in the last eight years. But I thought perhaps I had just gotten a bad computer. I have over the years had eight computers from you, starting with windows Me, back in 2000. Four of them replacements for the first. I even paid for additional tech service and recovery CD's. None of which corrected the proble. The last computer you sent me had a virus called "FINIS_IT.exe". which I found and printed all four pages. keeping the computer from a factory reboot.I was never able to wipe the drive, after 10 times. So I bought another drive, had it installed. That became infected also.

Please provide previous troubleshooting steps, or information that can help HP assist you.: I have had many case numbers in the last three weeks starting with #801 478 7096,#801 491 1854, #8014911185,to this last on for all three computers. you can check out my last tech support number to read the problems for your self {# 801 572 8031 } I hav called for tech help with all three computers over thirty times in three weeks. I am a senior citizen who wored from home, until this. I kept the old drive.

Has anything changed since the unit functioned properly (installation of SW, settings, cabling, etc.): With a bad hard drive, what could change other than me taking it back, bying a MAC and going to the B.B.B. and complaints.com & AARP.( I have the paperwork to back what I am saying, saved over the years). These computers are junk, using cheap parts, being passed off as new. Most of all, they are not being made in the U.S., no one does quality control, so who knows what you are geting? Making a profit, but loosing customers. Other than cheap labor and trash. Trust me, HP has taught mme a lot about computers over the years. I could buld one from scrach. Just thought you would like to konw!My ( address removed), will not work until I set up my new computer. So reply to my yahoo address. Thanks.

How would you describe your technical skill level?: Intermediate


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