Time Warner Cable - Time Warner Cable Hates Veterans

Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2008 at 12:57pm CDT by e882ea15

Product: Time Warner Cable Internet

Company: Time Warner Cable

Location: 507 Rosebud Plaza
Clarksburg, WV, 26301, US

URL: http://www.timewarnercable.com/clarksburg/

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So I'm activated with the National Guard. At the time, I have Time Warner Cable Internet service. I find out about the activation a month ahead of time and call in to cancel.

I go overseas, and when I get back 6 months later, I find a pile of cable bills (covering periods when I was overseas), and threats from Time Warner's collection agency. Turns out, they kept billing me.

I try to resolve the issue by contacting the local office. No e-mail addresses are posted (apparently, Time Warner's not very popular), and I get routed to a national call center in Denver, CO (I live in WV).

After an hour on hold, I get a supervisor, who won't give me an e-mail address, but offers me a fax number, a name - Doug Young (turns out this guy's an asshole) - and e-mails Doug herself with "the gist of the problem."

I fax my orders to Doug and wait. No response. Call the call center again, wait an hour, get a different supervisor, who instant messages the first. They e-mail "Doug" again, and the next day call me triumphantly to tell me they knocked $20 off a bill worth hundreds, NONE of which I owed.

I begin to explain that this result's nowhere close to satisfactory, and can I please have "Doug's" e-mail address now so I can resolve the issue directly.

"We don't hand out employee e-mail addresses - they don't have time to deal with 'thousands' of consumer complaints."

"Well already I've not only inconvenienced him, but tied up two call center supervisors as well. Can't you just give me his e-mail addy. so I can resolve this directly?"


"Then about my bill... if you look at my orders, you can clearly see the dates..."

"I'm sorry, but we have no way of knowing what kind of services we provided you during the periods in question."


You see, my orders didn't cover a few of the initial days of the period I was being charged for. That is to say, they wouldn't acknowledge any day of activation as valid until I physically set foot in Germany (initial orders were to report to my base stateside, which was far enough away to prohibit commuting, not that someone from a CALL CENTER would know that). As such, they naturally assumed that the MAJORITY of the bill occurred during these few short days as opposed to the greater period of activation.

Ok, my head hurts now. *Click* Time to call Base Legal, which's apparently what I should've done all along. Time Warner Cable has horrible customer service, flat-out crooked billing practices, and has shown a manifest will to cheat veterans while they're off serving their country. The Soldier & Sailor's Relief Act specifically prohibits such behavior, but apparently Time Warner needs to have a lawyer explain that to them. They'll get one.

For my own part, I never intend to do business with this shoddy, greedy, crooked company ever again.



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