Air India - Lost

Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2008 at 9:03am CDT by 3218a87e

Product: lost Apple computer

Company: Air India

Location: not known
London and/or New York, Ne, not known, US


Category: Other

Distracted momentarily helping a young mother with a very new baby onto Flight A1 111 from LHR to JFK yesterday (4/9/08)- why there wasn't any help, and she wasn't allowed to preboard but had to be part of the scrum is another story? - I had my Apple laptop stolen from my bag. We were through the gate and about to board the flight so anyone stealing it would have been a passenger aboard my flight too which I suppose makes it a New York Air India lost property issue. I've tried to contact Air India just in case anyone handed it in (I know I'm dreaming), I left two postings on their site for help, and, after much searching found a number (1 973 242 0078) but I could only leave a message there. All the other Air India numbers i've looked up online don't answer (they just ring and ring) so it's not a very convincing system all round. I can't have been the first person that this has happened to - why can't there be a competent, can-do, definitive and reassuring person at Air India to speak to who might be able to investigate such lost property stories?


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